How to fake a fever


If you want to get out of a situation by pretending to have a fever, you can do this by warming your face, blushing, and sweating. You can also warm up the thermometer to prove that you are really sick. If you add other symptoms to it, like a lack of energy or a runny nose, you may be able to avoid classes, workouts, or a boring dinner where you don’t want to go. However, it would still be better to be honest about why you didn’t want to go instead of taking the risk of getting yourself into trouble.

Let’s discuss various ways on how to fake a fever. 

Part 1: Look hot, red and sweaty

Warm up your forehead. 

Use a hot water bottle or a heating pad. The water bottle is a classic trick when you want to pretend you have a fever. Press the bottle against your forehead for a few minutes to make it warmer to the touch. Alternatively, you can also use a cold compress that you apply to your forehead, but be sure to protect your skin by putting something against your face and compressing it, such as a towel. You wouldn’t want to burn yourself. This is how to fake a fever. 

When someone comes to touch your forehead and see if you have a fever, they will feel hot and think you have it.

Eat spicy foods.

They will help you naturally raise your internal temperature. Spicy foods like jalapeños, chilies or peppers help raise your body temperature. If you have something spicy on hand, eat some to get your temperature up. However, avoid overeating it. You don’t want to make yourself sick or suffer a lot because you ate something too spicy

Make your face blush. 

Exercise or hide under the comforter to make it happen. The easiest thing to do is cover your head with the blanket for a few minutes. The reflected heat can help you look red while raising the temperature of your forehead. Alternatively, you may want to exercise, such as jumping or running in place, to make your face look redder. Your rosy complexion will make your false fever more believable and you will have a fake fever.

Make yourself look more sweaty. 

Press down on a damp washcloth or spray your face with a little water to look more clammy. Run the washcloth under lukewarm water for a few minutes. Once it’s warm, you can put it on your face and leave it there for a few minutes before removing it. You can also spray your face with a fine mist with a spray bottle. Make sure you don’t add too much water though, you just want it to look moist. 

Part 2: Raise the temperature on the thermometer

Run it under hot water. 

If you’re trying to convince someone that you have a fever, you’re going to have to fake the thermometer reading. You can do this by running it under hot water. Place the end of the thermometer under the stream of hot water and leave it in place until the temperature rises to around 38 °C .

However, you have to be careful that it does not exceed 38.9 °C, because then it could become obvious that you are lying or your parents could take you straight to the hospital.

Shake a mercury thermometer to make it go up. 

You could raise the level of mercury in a thermometer by shaking it. Be careful though, if you shake it too hard it could rise to an inhuman temperature. Also be careful not to break the glass. 

The mercury thermometer has a metal tip on one end. The rest of the thermometer is made of glass and has graduations printed on it. The mercury it contains rises and falls to indicate temperature.

Hold it by the metal tip when you shake it. Point the rest of the utensil at the ground and rock it back and forth until the mercury level rises.

Heat an electronic thermometer. 

Rub the tip between your fingers. Hold it still with one hand. Hold the tip of the thermometer between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Rub these two fingers together as quickly as possible to raise the temperature reading on the thermometer.

Usually, this utensil consists of a plastic case with a metal tip and a display to read the temperature.

Eat or drink something hot before oral intake. 

If someone is monitoring your temperature, you may be able to get the temperature in your mouth to rise before you take it by mouth. Eat or drink something hot, such as soup or tea, before your temperature is taken. Be careful not to burn the inside of your mouth! Keep some of the liquid or hot food in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing  [8] .

You might even want to keep some under your tongue to touch the tip of the thermometer while reading.

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Part 3: Add symptoms of Fever

Say you’re cold, not hot. 

People with fever are usually cold, even though their skin feels warm to the touch. If someone comes to ask you how you are doing, be sure to bundle up in the blankets or wear warm clothes. Tell her that you are cold and that you think you have a fever. Try to shiver to sound more convincing.

Pretend you are tired. 

If you want to pretend you have a fever, you don’t have to jump around like everything is fine. You have to drag your feet and feel like you have no energy. For example, you could rest your head on your hand while you are sitting as if you don’t have enough energy to hold it. You could also keep your eyes half open, as if your eyelids are too heavy to keep them open.

Pretend you have no appetite.

Lack of appetite is also a common symptom of fever. If someone asks if they can get you something, don’t ask for a burger and fries! Instead, ask for water, tea, or juice. Save snacks for when you are alone or ask for something simple like toast or soup.

Sniff, sneeze, or cough. 

Cold symptoms often go hand in hand with feverish symptoms, so you might sniff, sneeze, or cough to give yourself more credibility. Leave tissues lying around in the room to make it even more believable..

You could also manage to make your nose run by eating a spicy dish

Pretend you have a headache or a stomach ache. 

If you’re uncomfortable with cold symptoms, you might be complaining about a headache or stomach ache instead. Press your hands on the part of your body that you are complaining about. If you pretend to have a stomach ache, go to the bathroom and spend more time than usual before leaving.

For example, you could say, “Mom, I have a really bad stomach ache.

Don’t overdo it. 

You need to make the symptoms look realistic, not dramatic and rigged. Pick one or two symptoms for your “fever” and don’t pretend you’re dying from a mysterious illness. If you go too far, others will notice that you are faking or they will believe you and take you to the doctor.

For example, you should not cough, say that you want to vomit, and roll on the floor with a moan. This is going to be a bit too much.

Part 4:  Admit the deception

Admit that you are faking if you get caught.

If your parents catch you warming the thermometer or pressing the hot water bottle to your forehead, you must admit that you were trying to fake a fake fever. Although you might be tempted to deny what you are doing, you will attract even more problems by continuing to play the comedy while you’re caught.

For example, you could say, “You are right mom. I pretended to be sick ”.

Explain your reasons.

Your parents are probably going to be upset if you have come to pretend you are sick to escape school, workout, or other obligations. Admit your reasons instead of creating more lies. Share your feelings without finding excuses.

For example, you could say, “I have a History test today and I haven’t studied. I pretended to be sick so as not to get a bad grade ”.

Apologize for lying.

Now that you’ve confessed, apologize for faking it. Make it clear that you know what you have done is wrong and agree to be more honest in the future. Accept also that they have more difficulty trusting you now that you’re caught.

Accept the consequences.

Your parents may scold you, take away certain privileges, or punish you. Instead of arguing and responding to them, accept the consequences of your lies and avoid doing it again. You can then make efforts to regain their confidence by being honest, responsible and helping them when necessary.

Advice on how to fake a fever

If you want, you can wear a lot of clothes while lying down. Wake up ten minutes early to take them off and tell your mom that you are hot and that your stomach hurts.

You might get into trouble by pretending to have a fever and others might not trust you. In general, it’s better to do the thing you don’t want to do than pretend you’re sick.

Warnings if you fake a fever

Never take medicine for an illness you don’t have, it could make you sick!

Do not put the thermometer in the microwave. Its temperature is not going to rise and you will destroy the utensil and maybe even the microwave.

Don’t put an onion under your armpits to raise your temperature! It doesn’t work and you will smell the onion.

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