How To Find a Nurse Staffing Agency You Can Trust in New Orleans

Nurse Staffing Agency

With the nurse shortage in the United States, there are a lot of healthcare facilities who are in need of nurses to fill in some spots in their place since there are more patients but fewer nurses. That is where the nurse staffing agency comes into play. The nurse staffing by Advantage Medical Professionals in New Orleans would be able to help you cater to your nursing needs. Here are a few tips on how to find a nurse staffing agency you can trust in New Orleans.

What Should You Look For in a Nurse Staffing Agency in New Orleans?

  1. Speed

Look for a nurse staffing agency that would be able to fill in fast, so look if they could offer you per diem nurses or PRN nurses since they could fill in as soon as possible while you try and fix your staffing needs. But you could also look at temp-to-perm nurses if you are regularly short-staff. 

Long-term nurses, on the other hand, is a different story since you are going to have to really take your time and make up a strategy to find the perfect nurses for our facility.

  1. Quality

When you are looking for agency nurses for your facility, their experience, and work ethic is not the only thing that you are going to have to consider. Also, check if they could fit in the work culture of your organization. 

Do they prioritize teamwork? Are they good with communication? Do they value patient safety? Would they be able to smoothly transition into your facility? Are they prepared?

  1. Price

When you are looking for a nurse staffing agency to work within New Orleans, the price range and the money that you make should also be something that you should consider. There are some nurses who cost a lot, especially nurses who are specialized. 

Look at staffing agencies that are in your price range because even though they may promise you low fees or rates, the quality of service that the registered nurses that they send may be compromised. You have to take the time to understand the benefits they could offer.

What Are The Benefits Offered by a Nurse Staffing Agency to Nurses?

  1. Relationships

You get to bond and create all of these new relationships since you are going to be working in all of these different work environments as you hop from one healthcare facility to another. These relationships you form could either help you further your career or they could be new friends that you could fall back to even if you are working in another facility.

Aside from the people in the facility you would work with, you could also form this relationship with your staffing agency, which would be able to help you develop your career professionally since they would be able to find you more positions that you are interested in. 

  1. Experiences

Since you are going to different facilities as you switch locations, you get to interact with different professionals that you could learn so much from. They could help you develop your skills as you are thrust into these different and unique situations. 

You could add these experiences to your resume, which would increase your opportunities professionally and make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. 

You could also gain more experience in emergency medicine, physical therapy, hospice care, and chronic illness if you are an agency nurse, which would help you fill out the position of a specialized nurse.

  1. Compensation and benefits

Working with a nurse staffing agency, you would have the chance to negotiate your wages, especially as you work in different locations. 

As an agency nurse, you would usually have a much higher pay compared to traditional nurses, but because of that, there are some benefits that they have that you may not have, like health insurance and a retirement plan. But you could always avail of private insurance for yourself if you want to get insurance. 

Also, depending on your contract, they may even give you stipends, especially if you are working as a travel nurse.

  1. Routine

Your schedule will be much more flexible now that you work with an agency since you have the freedom to choose when you work and how often. 

They could find you some short-term contracts, depending on what job you are looking for right now, and you could even work in many different types of healthcare facilities and go to different locations. 

Unlike staff nurses, you are not tied down, so you have a much more positive work-life balance. So you would be able to focus on your family or work on your hobby more often.

Working with a nurse staffing agency in New Orleans as a travel nurse has a lot more advantages and makes your whole travel nursing experience so much better. From the additional benefits to being given the opportunity to travel around the country, seeing the country while being able to help people. They would be there with you every step of the way.


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