How to Fix Generic PNP monitor drivers?


Is it a one-off issue? Yes, it’s not. It’s also not an uncommon problem especially if you have just got a new PNP device like a printer or scanner and then after you have saved all your work, you suddenly find that the device is not working properly anymore. In such cases, you have to make sure that the generic PNP monitor drivers have been updated properly and the device is not just working but in a completely different way too. So, how to fix generic PNP monitor drivers?

The most likely reason behind generic PNP monitor drivers not working in Windows 10 is either the outdated generic device drivers or the lack of required software programs. Users who have just recently got their Windows 10 PC updated are highly prone to come across generic PNP monitor drivers’ errors. However, this kind of error can also occur because of a more serious problem with the PC like for example, the failure of the motherboard. So, in case you come across this problem, then don’t panic as it is very easily fixed.

What is Generic PNP issue?

Before anything else, let us try to understand the problem better – How to Fix Generic PNP Monitor Driver Error? The first step is to get hold of a good PC repair tool that can help you diagnose the problem. For proper diagnosis, you need to connect the monitor with a USB port and then run a PC diagnostic test.

FIX Generic PNP monitor issues

In such occasion, if your PC diagnostic reveals that your computer is having some sort of problem with one of the devices, like for instance, printers and scanners, then go ahead and press windows button twice. It means, insert the USB cable into the USB port of your computer, and hit windows button twice within just 10 minutes. This is how to fix the generic PNP error. If you are able to locate all the devices that are not working properly, then simply uninstall them from your system, and re-install them after which you should be able to get rid of this specific problem.

If it is found out that all the devices are properly functioning, then the only next option left for you to do is to reinstall the required software program. The easiest option would be to download and install one of the popular generic PC repair tools available in the market such as Registry Fix, Registry Easy, Registry Genius, or Cilera. Once you download and install these tools, open up their respective menus, look for the option “reinstall drivers”, and select it. 

Follow the on-screen instructions, and wait for the software to scan your PC and detect the problems. If they find any problems in the system, then they will offer you an option to either update the drivers using their driver manager or to manually fix the errors.

Alternatives for this issue

Alternatively, if it is found out that updating drivers is not possible, then you can always opt for the other option of manually repairing the device drivers. This can be done by searching for device manager window within the control panel and selecting “driver settings”. Then choose ” Update Driver”, and follow the on-screen instructions. You can also check for the latest updates by searching for them in the Windows Update application.

Finally, if everything fails, you can always try for the system file checker application. This tool is usually located under c:\program files (x86)\drivers\system files. You can use this tool to manually repair any type of PC problem. Just click on the “scan” button to initiate the scanning process. It should automatically fix the problem and prevent the System Restore feature from being disabled.

ConclusionIn conclusion, generic PNP monitor drivers can cause serious problems for your computers if they are improperly installed. So, you should not take any chances when installing them. If this fails, you should contact a professional technician for help. You can visit our website to learn more about technical support services for Windows 10 system.

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