How to Fix Quickbooks Network Issues?


Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is another one among the various outstanding software developed by Intuit. It is used by several users who work in the multi-user mode because of its ability to fix company files and multiple network errors. There is a lot more about this dynamic tool that you must know. So, let’s get into the post and learn about it in a detailed manner.

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: An Introduction

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool can fix the connection errors creating hindrances in the path of Quickbooks, company files, and the database manager. Through this tool, we can eliminate so many common networking and multi-user errors that include H series and 6000 series errors. Additionally, if you witness the error while accessing the software then again the tool can resolve it in just minutes. 

Not only this but the tool manages to repair all the errors caused by the corrupted and missing Microsoft components. But, in order to resolve the issues, we first need to know how it is executed and in this guide, we are providing you same with the step-by-step process. So, now, let’s get into it.

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Download: Step-by-Step Guide

If you have made your mind to use this tool then the first and foremost that you need to perform is to download Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. So, download the tool with the following steps:

  • First of all, the user needs to tap on the official website of the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 
  • Try to save the file in the system.
  • Next, open the installer name as QBInstall_tool_vs.exe.
  • Moving on, shut down the opened programs in the background.
  • Now reboot the program.
  • Try to avoid any kind of further issues and also ensure that your system has an efficient internet connection.
  • This followed by clearing all the applications in the background.
  • In the last step, move to the onscreen guidelines and carry on with the installation procedures.

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: Installing Procedure

After successfully downloading the tool, now let’s try to install it on the system with these steps. You can install the tool on both the server and computer.

  • First of all, examine that your system has not an installed version of the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  • Try to download the tool from the OEM website and tap on the icon twice after it appears on the desktop.
  • Now move on with the on screen prompts to carry out the further procedure.
  • After that tap on the next screen shows “Welcome to the Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool setup wizard.”
  • Visit the next tab and click on the Installation folder.
  • Consequently, tap on the I agree to tab and accept the license agreement of the software.
  • Now if you are a user of Windows 10 then the .NET framework must be configured properly.
  • Once the installation process becomes completed, wait for the tool to open.
  • In case the tool doesn’t open then tap on the Quickbooks icon.
  • Moving on, visit the directory that contains the company file which is to be diagnosed.
  • Try to avoid the network connectivity option in case you are having a single-user network.
  • After the box displays on the screen, enter the admin and password.
  • Hit the OK button now.
  • Afterward, choose whether you are using the host system or a workstation PC.
  • Finally, the Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool will scan and fix the company file issues on its own.

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: Steps to Employ 

  • Start the procedure by tapping on the Quickbooks icon.
  • Avoid opening the corrupted file.
  • Then tap on the Utilities tab and choose to repair the file.
  • Later on, click on the network problems tab.
  • Now select yes on the message to collect the personal information related to Quickbooks and its data.
  • In case, any message does not appear on the screen then permission is provided in advance.
  • Moving on, visit the folder where you have stored the QB files and also try to spot the one which is corrupted.
  • Now click on the open button.
  • Subsequently, tap on the Show advanced settings which will bring a list of items in a drop-down menu.
  • After that select the issue that relates to the current issue.
  • Try to enter the right Quickbooks login ID and password.
  • Finally, select the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. 

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: Steps to Use

Now that we have understood how to download, install and run the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. It’s time to follow the troubleshooting steps given below:

  1. Diagnose Connection tab

Through the diagnose connection tab, you can easily open the company data file from both the single-user and multi-user. With this, you can get to know the system setup. Try to configure the firewall if the error continues to appear or if the system doesn’t have the proper permission.

  1. Firewall Status

The Firewall status displays the basic instructions related to it. 

  1. Test Connectivity

Now, after configuring the Firewall, check the workstation or computer connectivity with the following steps:

  • Initiate the procedure by clicking on the Company File field to look for the company file.
  • Ensure that you are using a Linux system when the network setup is found in Alternate mode. 
  • In the next step, select the Change Hosting Server checkbox.
  • Before instigating the connectivity test, the status will appear as Not applicable.
  • After the test is run, status changes into the green indicating no threats whereas red indicates threats.
  • Hit the test connectivity.
  • In case the File Open Status appears as Red then move to the advanced section and tap on what do these mean?
  • Now fix the relevant status to run the tool and also check if the error.
  • If the problem exists then open the File Open Status. 
  • After this, you will encounter a successful message on the screen.

Wrapping Up!

So, this is the guide about the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.  We hope that you like this guide and it enlightens you with the tool’s usage. In order to eliminate the error, you can also use Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool, another famous tool of Intuit that can eliminate any error. However, if there are some doubts still left to be unanswered then try to contact the Quickbooks support team. They will surely resolve all your queries.


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