How to Fix Your Tablet or iPhone Without Leaving Your House


If your phone fails to function, it is not a must you seek assistance from an expert. In other words, there are issues that you can comfortably fit in the comfort of your house and save funds and time for other crucial activities. Issues such as poor memory, battery issues, speed and loading problems can be easily fixed without dismantling your gadgets. However, it would be best to be sensitive when fixing some of these problems as some may require an expert to fix them effectively.

Take a look at some of the issues you can fix on your own without leaving your house.

Space issues

As your phone age, space issues become common. When your phone has space issues, it will reduce its speed of processing various matters. You might have stored many files in your phone that are not necessary. You do not have to keep many photos and videos on modern smartphones and tablets, especially on your android gadgets. However, you can back up all your data and avoid overloading your phone memory. You do not need phone repair service to help you fix such an issue.

Frozen issues

One of the most frustrating issues with android phones and tablets is having a gadget that quickly gets stuck or fails to process issues as required. Your phone may freeze and fail to respond instead of turning on or off. However, you do not have to run to an expert to help you fix such an issue. The simplest way of fixing this problem is to reboot your gadget the hard way. You can quickly press and hold the power button and the volume down button for at least 45 seconds until your device vibrates. A strange picture may appear on your phone and offer an option that will allow you to reboot your phone. You may leave your phone plugged in for a few minutes to ensure that your battery is not depleted. Restarting your gadget may also fix the issues without the art of consulting an expert.

Charging Issues

You might have realized that even after plugging your phone, it is not charging. Before consulting an expert:

  1. Make a point using a toothpick or a paper end as a clip and carefully dig around the charging space of your gadget.
  2. Ensure that you have removed all the debris carefully without tampering with the charging system.
  3. Ensure that your paper clip or toothpick is dry to avoid short-cutting your gadget.
  4. Once you have cleared everything, plug your phone back and check whether it will start charging.

If the battery was dead, you might be forced to leave the gadget plugged in for a while before something happens. However, if you are careful and effective in performing this procedure, your phone will start working in a few matters, and you will be back in business. You will save a lot of time and resources that would otherwise have been spent to consult an expert who will repast the procedure and charge you. You need to be careful and perform simple functions you are sure of. However, consult an expert and keep your gadget running if the problem persists.

Olivia Hazel
Technical Content writer, who loves to pen down her thoughts and insights in the best way possible.

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