How to Fold Xiaomi MI M365 Electric Scooter? A User Guide


How to fold Xiaomi MI M365 electric scooter? This is the question frequently asked by beginners. Using urban transport to your work or school seems inexpensive and moderate if the location is close to your home.

On the other hand, walking to your school or office would feel suitable for a few days then it will also be tiresome.  That’s why instead of using urban transport regularly, an electric scooter will be a satisfying and reliable option.

These electric scooters offer various features, including foldable design making you able to keep it in compact places.

In the following guide, we will discuss the Xiaomi scooter fold? And if yes, then what is the Xiaomi M365 folding mechanism?

Xiaomi Electric Scooter:

A Xiaomi electric scooter can be an easy, cheaper and convenient urban transport. It can provide you with inexpensive and reliable transport for a shorter distance. The latest model of the electronic scooter comes with unique features.

This folding mechanism is easy to use, and you can fold it and keep it in a compact place after using it. These scooters can cover a distance of up to 30km at one charge.

To know more about electric scooters, their features and specifications, you can read the Xiaomi m365 review. To save a lot of battery, stick to a power saving mode that limits your speed to 11 mph. You probably do not need to travel very fast in the city, and limiting your speed will get you a lot of range.

Xiaomi E-Scooter has front and rear wheels with energy recovery and motor reverse braking effect with E-ABS anti-lock system front and rear disc brakes. On the actual ride, the rear brake force feels very unstable, and even if you squeeze it to the end, you will not hold it until it dies, which may be a safety concern.

The important question that pops up in everyone’s mind is how to fold a Xiaomi MI M365 electric scooter? We will answer this query in a few easy steps so you will be able to understand this folding mechanism.

How to Fold Xiaomi MI M365 electric scooter?

When someone buys a new electric scooter, the first and most important question, which is usually googled, is, how do I fold my Xiaomi electric scooter? In this guide, we have described the Xiaomi M365 folding mechanism in a few easy steps.

Moreover, if you want to unfold the scooter, that process is also mentioned below:

These steps are as follows:

Step 1: Safety Latch

On the first step, you have to twist the safety latch to the right. It will unlock the folding latch.

Step 2: Loose the Stem

Then pulling it down will loosen the stem of your scooter. In a case, if it is not working, the folding latch would have been stuck.

Step 3: Manual Guide

Check the manual guide in case of any difficulty.

Step 4: Fold the Stem

In this step, fold the stem of your scooter, and continue folding it until the handlebar reaches the rear wheel.

Step 5:

Now, shift the handle a little to align the bell with the hook on your rear fender.

At this point, the bell latch should lock onto the rear fender hook. And now you can store the scooter wherever you want.

In addition, to unfold the electric scooter, you have to reverse the process. It starts with pushing down the rear fender to unlock the bell latch.

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