How to get a job in google: 5 best Steps


Before you know how to get a job at Google, as a student, you need to know the difference between a company and the various KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) centers that work with it. Both display and use the Google logo and name, so you need to make sure you’re applying in the right place. For example, if it’s a Google Adwords position, it’s probably a KPO. The best way to make sure you’re applying for Google instead of a partner is to start a Google job search from the Google Portal itself.

Google work for students

The portal, which describes the hiring process, how you feel about working at Google, and more, has links to help you find a job by region. I’ve added a link at the end of this article to prevent you from getting anywhere else. What’s more, you also need to know the sites and entities that you are hired by Google to promise to demand some kind of prepayment or deposit of money. There is no such company that helps you get a job at Google. The company has its own rules for hiring people, which is what I’m writing here.

Step 1: Find the right position

The first step is to see if there is an opening that suits you. From Google’s website, look up jobs by region to see if you’re interested in any of them. If you are located in a different location than yours, analyze whether it is worth moving to that location or if it is feasible.

You can get ideas for all the perks you get, learn about the culture and lifestyle of the place, analyze if you are comfortable and adaptable to it, and so on. It costs money to get to and from the place so that you can meet family and friends from time to time. And whether the perks are enough to leave you comfortable living with yourself!

Step 2: Apply for Google Vacancy

If you understand what you want to do with Google and you’re happy with your move (if needed), you’ll need to apply for that job at Google. Google’s application process is completely online. Simply click the Apply Now button to the right of your job description and fill information such as general, education, and previous employment. It also provides a place to add a cover letter to your resume.

The information you enter in the various fields will automatically include in your resume, but you will need to upload your resume with a cover letter. The cover letter is the first contact with Google’s recruiting staff, so please state what you are and why you are applying for the job. Therefore, your resume should be concise, but it should include all relevant information to increase your chances of being adopted by Google. There are agencies that can help you create your resume, but self-proclaimed creative resumes are better than traditional resumes.

Which type of information is required?

Start with a headline that summarizes all your skills and continue to provide your employment experience. If you haven’t worked before, you can provide information about projects completed during graduation and other information you may need to keep your resume concise. Personal information is required during phone calls and face-to-face interviews.

How to impress recruiters?

This is the hardest part, so the first shot should impress recruiters. Google will only accept new graduates without previous employment skills if they prove they have sufficient ability and creativity to adapt to their requirements. It also adds a bit of convincing to the application cover letter. We recommend that you create your resume and cover letter offline. Check for errors and brevity. Compare them to the LinkedIn profiles of some people working at Google and refine them accordingly. When you’re happy, upload your resume and cover letter.

The resume and cover letter parts are the most important to access Google. Please do not fill out the application form in a hurry. Take a moment to create the best resume and cover letter you can.

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Step 3: Telephone interview

If your resume can convince Google’s recruiting staff, a telephone interview will be scheduled. You will be notified in advance by email or local phone. The question is basically about what you wrote on your resume and cover letter. Don’t panic about this phase. Be yourself and at the same time maintain phone etiquette. After passing this stage, they will ask for for an interview.

Step 4: Face-to-face interview

The interview may be 4-5 people. Again, don’t worry. Worrying will ruin your impact on the interviewer. Imagine and think about different things in case your brain is waiting to go into panic mode. You can also pick up a newspaper or magazine and start reading it

According to Google, this phase is about problem-solving skills. They check your skills by raising specific scenarios. Also, expect some direct questions related to the job you applied for. Believe that everything is going well.

Step 5: Confirm Employment at Google

It takes about two weeks to get a job at Google. According to Google, their hiring process lets them consider the best applicants by making one-to-one comparisons. This process takes a little time, so there is a delay. If you haven’t heard from us after more than two weeks, you can ask about the interview. This is how to get a job in google. 

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