How to Get Rid of Fleas in My House in Australia?


Fleas are fairly different from other insects and bugs. They cause havoc in our lives. In addition, fleas can only feast upon pets such as cats and dogs, they can’t bite human beings. They are smart enough to recognize their possible prey through vibration as neither can they jump high nor can they crawl only beyond a particular height.

Why should you have flea control in Melbourne?

Although fleas cannot bite human beings; however, they can cause irritation to our skin. According to research, it is observed that female fleas are larger than male fleas in size. Further, they have spines and hair, pointing backward with thorny legs. With such features, they can easily hide in the fur of animals and jump from one to another.Heavy stale air is depressing both physically and mentally. Not only the general microclimate of the dwelling, but also the well-being of household members largely depends on the purity and composition of the air in the room, right? But ventilation does not always help to establish air exchange: due to blockages in the general ventilation duct or the ventilation pipe of the additional exhaust system, the draft may drop significantly, after which the circulation of air flows will not pass properly. Routine air duct cleaning is an important procedure, on the quality and regularity of which the health and even safety of residents depends.

A flea infestation can become difficult when there are pets everywhere. The coolest way to know it is when you notice the pets scratching their bodies more often. The allergic reactions and discomfort become a concern.

How to identify fleabites?

  • Look for flea droppings, which may be black or red, either on carpets or sitting areas. If you notice small dirt-like particles, take those in wet tissue and observe if there are rings of blood.
  • You must look if there are any larvae, pupae, and eggs in your garden and all the areas your pet leaves its mark.
  • Also, bite cats around the neck and head, whereas, fleas bite dogs at the hind portion of the body. 
  • Get into combating the problem immediately once you get to know a flea infestation. Flea control and removal is a difficult task. It becomes challenging as the adult fleas are very small in size and can endure without eating for days. Hence, before it’s too late hire the best Flea Control Melbourne service, provider.

Common types of fleas on your Property:

There are two main common types of fleas:

Dog Flea

  • Adult Dog Flea dwells in dogs’ fur and survives on their warm blood.
  • These Fleas can often bite humans as well.
  • Dog Fleas are brown and can become reddish-black after a meal.
  • Dog flea larvae are off-white in colour and can measure up to 5mm. They may even vary from 1mm to 4 mm in length.

Cat Flea

  • Cat fleas live within the rabbits and cat’s fur and feed on their blood
  • They mostly dwell in the places like the carpets, cat baskets, or boxes where cats usually rest 
  • Such types of fleas have long thin legs through which they jump here and there

Hiring Best Flea Control in Melbourne Can Be Beneficial:

Hiring the best flea control in Melbourne can help in the prevention of fleas. 

Below are some ways to prevent it.

  • Professionals vacuum carpets, rooms, cracks, crevices, and furniture with upholstery.
  • While disposing of the vacuum packet outside and away from your home.
  • Make a temperature of 50-degree centigrade or even above to kill bugs particularly in places where they breed.
  • Further, experts make use of a very effective eco-friendly treatment to kill fleas to ensure your and your family’s safety. Also, we effectively dehydrate fleas’ bodies and destroying them at once.
  • To avail of flea control Melbourne services, get in touch with us. Our expert team will help you provide services of pest and flea control in Melbourne at affordable prices.

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