How To Give Yourself A Fever? 8 Safer Ways


Everyone in life had a situation when he made an honest reason so he could evade events or work. In this case feigning illness is the only answer left out. There are some ways to skip a couple of days of labor or school for children. How To Give Yourself A Fever? Mindsetters professionals will talk about the safe and easiest methods that work best – And there is no need for pencil leads, coffee or any kind of rubbing. 

1. Performing some exercises

Some easiest ways to quickly give yourself a fever or just raise your temperature to some degree are jumping, doing squats, or some other energy producing exercises. When you see sweat droplets on your body, the temperature of the body increases. Sweat drop signals us that the body has begun its natural cooling procedure.

2. Drink hot drinks

Hot drinks instantly increase your blood heat even if you don’t exercise. Choose any hot drink:

  • coffee
  • tea
  • warm milk with or without honey
  • Soup
  • hot broth

3. Eat Fast foods

3. Eat Fast foods

You can also eat foods that increase your blood heat naturally. Among these are: 

  • ginger
  • cumin
  • bananas 
  • chocolate 
  • honey

Additionally, we don’t prescribe instant eating and drinking coffee with spoons. An outsized amount can have a negative effect on the guts functioning and some other disorders.

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4. Use heat-retaining material

The best fabric to give yourself a fever at your home is fleece. Wrap your head with the help of a fleece robe or use a blanket. Some recommend best wrapping in airtight synthetic materials like plastic bags or cling film.

5. Put on your hat or scarf

Put on some winter accessories and drink some hot tea with honey to immediately give yourself a fever. A big amount of warmth comes from the tiptop of the body, the head. Therefore the hat will be useful to warm up your head and cause blood heat to enhance.

6. Wear many layers of clothing

6. Wear many layers of clothing

How to give yourself a fever at your home quickly and safely? The solution is layering. A classy trick together with hot food will help raise your blood heat by a couple of degrees. Placed on a shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, light jacket and heavy coat at an equivalent time. One among the layers of clothing are often replaced with thermal underwear. 

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7. Use a heat pad

Hot dry compresses and heating pads are an excellent way to increase body temperature without any risk factors affecting your health. If you’ve got a heating pad reception, pour water that’s not too hot to prevent scalding. Next, wrap yourself in clothes that retain heat, crawl under the covers and take a hot pad. After a couple of minutes, you’ll get hot.

8. Correctly Breathe

There are simple breathing exercises that climbers use to warm up their body quickly and safely. First, take four deep breaths, then inhale deeply to gain a maximum of fresh air content volume. During this case, you would like to strain the press. Next, imagine that you simply want to compress the air in your lungs. Retain the air for 45 counts. Repeat the exercise up to five times. The temperature should rise to 37 degrees. 

To Sum Up

This is how to give yourself a fever artificially by performing exercises, drinking hot drinks and eating fast foods, using heat-maintaining materials, wrapping yourself in a hat, scarf and other winter accessories, then using heating pads and finally, breathing yourself correctly.

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