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    The woman has her moods, her outbursts of positive attitude and her annoying lead-ups. So far, nothing abnormal, it’s just a woman. As a man, you think (and are probably right) that all women, no matter how unique they are, have a lot of things in common that allow you to succeed in seducing her. Ok, but what about when you hit a bone? I mean, when you’re faced with a woman who gives you a hard time and doesn’t let herself be moved by pretty words or pretty flowers. Well that’s the subject of this article: how to handle a wife?

    I am sure you have high expectations for this article because if you are reading these lines it is because you need a helping hand, right? Well, I’m happy to be able to offer you concrete elements to help you manage your a little (a lot) complicated wife.

    She’s boring (but that’s common to all women and that’s also why we love them), she has character, she has self-confidence, she’s a real tornado when she’s pissed off, she doesn’t know what she wants, she constantly picks you up. She questions you all the time, she doesn’t trust you, she doesn’t trust her. She always criticizes others, she is demanding about what she eats, does, sees, etc.

    Dealing with a Difficult Woman: Don’t Put Yourself Down

    Too often, we men have a tendency to make ourselves very small to avoid irritating our beauty even more. Yet this is a serious mistake! Of course, if it’s about a romantic storm that will calm down by keeping a low profile, why not.

    On the other hand, do not put yourself down in the hope that this will help and lessen your wife’s anger. So yes, it will probably play out in the short term but Madam may keep this bad habit and become even harder on you if she notices that you crash into this kind of situation. For a difficult woman, a man who belittles himself is a weak man. Because of this, she knows from the start that she can do what she wants with it.

    It’ll probably amuse her for a while, but eventually she’ll get bored and get rid of you. Or, if she’s a real bitch, she’ll get the most out of you by treating you like nothing… I hope you won’t let such a thing happen, gentlemen.

    Don’t put yourself down, that doesn’t mean playing the big-mouthed guy who mistreats his wife. No matter how difficult your wife is, you should never disrespect or abuse her. It goes without saying but I want to clarify it because some men come to insults and hands when they lose control in front of difficult women …

    A difficult woman can be irritating at best, but she is still a woman and, like you, with a heart, feelings and a certain sensitivity which I grant you vary from woman to woman. In short, you are both human beings, not savages.

    Handling a wife: Don’t Take Her For Granted

    If there is one thing that can hurt you when dealing with a difficult woman, it’s believing that she’s won. Not taking her for granted is an essential thing in knowing  how to handle a wife. 

    Moreover, according to the woman, it could even be that she tests you on it! If so, it would still be inappropriate for him to do so maliciously. On the other hand, if she just wants to get to know you it’s different and she won’t spend her time testing you.

    It’s up to you to know your wife and not let yourself be manipulated but really, I insist, you must not take her for granted, whatever the reason that motivates you to do so.

    Considering that your wife belongs to you and no longer has any secrets from you, you are completely on the wrong track. You will only upset her, irritate her and turn her against you. However, this is really not what you are looking for, far from it.

    Make sure to maintain the seduction and keep an element of mystery. Take an interest in her without being too intrusive or too curious. Show that you are there but not available to them either. You see what I mean ? A difficult woman just doesn’t have to be in control. And you do have to think about how to handle a wife.

     Handling a wife: Staying in Your Place

    You must give it its space and not be hung up on its skirts. Spend time together but also separately. You need it as much as it does, and vice versa.

    Everyone must keep their place: you, your place as a man; her, her place as a woman. It’s not that radical as it sounds but by that I mean that you must not encroach on her living space just as she must not invade yours.

    Let’s say it’s just a matter of respect, balance and well-being, quite naturally. You are not his father, you are not his child, you are not his boss, you are not his colleague, you are not his servant. You are her boyfriend, her friend, her lover and the one with whom she goes ahead and makes her dreams come true, which can also be yours. Be really careful to stay in your place so that you don’t lose control of your difficult wife. A difficult woman is not really flexible with mistakes or misbehavior so beware!

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    Special case if she is pregnant

    A woman can be boring and difficult by nature, but this is still a special case if she is pregnant. In this regard, you will have to put even more water in your wine and ignore all the little details that annoy you in normal times.

    When a woman is pregnant, her hormones and moods are like a roller coaster and, unfortunately, it is mostly you who suffer the consequences.

    Admittedly, this is not fair, but it is also not fair that a woman has to go through nine months of more or less aggressive disturbances with her body and her mood. Clearly, here, you will have to show support for her unfailingly. She’ll call you bird names if you do or say something she doesn’t like but walk away and tell yourself it’s the pregnancy that’s making it so difficult. Keep a low profile, without submitting, of course.

    Just keep in mind that carrying a child is not just having a belly that grows bigger month by month, it is much more than that and it is also a time when your wife is likely to lack confidence. in her because she will be unattractive to you.

    It’s up to you to reassure her, take care of her and take the time for her pregnancy.

    Obviously, her pregnancy does not give her all the rights either but know how to find the right balance so that things go as well as possible.

    Remember that “women love with their ears.”

    Even if you prove every day with your actions that you love your wife – work for your family, repair all the things in the house, go shopping – all the same, the woman wants to hear from you that you love her, that she is the one and only.

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