How to Hire Truck Drivers That Want to Stick Around

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Trucking is a vital industry that needs quality, committed drivers. However, it tends to be fluid as drivers come and go, leaving many companies with high turnover. The question is, why do drivers leave so much?

Though it’s a common opinion, drivers don’t typically leave out of laziness but other issues. For example, some sign on after being promised one thing. Soon after, they learn that they were not told the whole story or were given misinformation.

Other times, they quickly discover the health issues that come with the job. There’s no denying that truck driving can lead to sleep issues, obesity, heart conditions, a lower life expectancy, and more.

Some drivers discover how hard the job is for their families. When they sign on for the trucking lifestyle, they do so with the intention of providing for their loved ones. However, they soon realize that the long absences from their spouses and children are simply not worth it.

These are just a few of the many reasons that truck drivers don’t stick around long. While you might not be able to fix everything, you can learn how to hire truck drivers who are more likely to hang around with these few tips.

Analyze Your Recruiting

Take a good look at how your drivers are being recruited. Are they being given the correct information upfront? Are any recruiters using unscrupulous tactics to increase their recruitment numbers? It’s not a pleasant thought, but it does happen. Diving in now to determine if this is occurring and addressing any issues will only help you in the future.

Increase Pay and Benefits

Truck driving is a challenging job, and your drivers need to know they’ll be compensated for it. Find ways to improve pay, whether it’s more money per mile, achievable bonuses, or a guaranteed number of miles, any improvement will help.

Also, consider health benefits. Find ways to help keep your drivers healthy, either through helping them purchase healthier food, providing membership to a gym or anything else that can help improve their quality and quantity of life.

And don’t forget to get them home to see their families consistently. This one step alone can provide great mental health benefits, which can directly impact their physical health.

Ask for Suggestions

One of the best sources of information for hiring and retaining truck drivers is truck drivers. Send out a survey to all current and previous employees asking for recommendations on how to be a better employer. Check social media posts for complaints against your company and your competition. This should provide you with some invaluable insight.

If you’re looking to find and retain high-quality truck drivers, you have to keep your mind open and be committed to making the necessary changes. While the tips included here may not solve every problem, they can give you a strong start.


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