How To Identify Counterfeit Hugo Boss Polos From An Original One

Counterfeit Hugo Boss Polos

Hugo Boss is a fashion house noted for its premium materials and craftsmanship. As a result, their items are comparatively expensive. Regrettably, their rage and high price make them easy prey for counterfeiters, a great way to profit from a brand’s success for very little money.

A forged Hugo Boss polo t shirts are often tough to spot. Add to the fact that many counterfeiters have practically perfected the art of copying, especially if you’ve never had one before. Isn’t it disgusting?

However, not all hope is gone. On a t shirt, there are a few things to look for that will help you tell if it’s a genuine Hugo Boss item. When shopping in a store, this method is most effective. Customers who shop online may have to rely on consumer reviews.

Even after tests, spotting a phony Hugo Boss polo t shirt will necessitate scrutiny. By overlooking a few key points, you could wind yourself with a knockoff Hugo Boss t shirt. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Here are the failproof tips to separate your original Hugo Boss clothing from the fake ones:

  • Premium quality feel-good fabric 

Hugo Boss polo t shirts are made of high-quality materials, with a majority being 100% cotton. You’re looking at a phony Hugo Boss t shirt if it feels like nylon or polyester. However, most counterfeiters have gone above and beyond, manufacturing t shirts remarkably identical to the genuine article.

You’ll notice that the original weighs somewhat more than the fake one. If you don’t have one, there are six more ways to tell if you’re dealing with a fake or a genuine item.

  • The brand emblem imprinted on the apparels

All Hugo Boss polo t shirts have the Hugo Boss emblem on the breast (t shirts and polo t shirts). It’s the bold Boss logo with tiny Hugo Boss text underneath. Hugo Boss trademarks are often embroidered. You’re looking at a fake one if you see any logos made of rubber and attached to the t shirt.

The text size and stitch quality are also crucial aspects of the breast logo. In a genuine Hugo Boss Polo, the letters of the chest emblem are usually understandable, bold, and well-spaced. No slack threads join the letters, and the stitches are fairly tidy. The logo on the back of the chest is also very clean and distinct. There are no tangled threads or strewn-together lessons.

Most fake Hugo Boss polo t shirts aren’t designed the same way. On chest logos, the stitches are frequently sloppy and not as tight as they were on the original. You’ll most certainly find a few stray threads if you search closely. The size of the letters is not always consistent, and there are often threads connecting them. The back is equally untidy.

  • Especially crafted buttons with impeccably stitched buttonholes

In their t shirts, Hugo Boss does not utilize traditional buttons. Hugo Boss polo t shirt buttons are usually opaque pearl four-holed buttons that match the t shirt color. “Hugo Boss” is commonly engraved on buttons in bold and attractive letters. The buttons are also stitched properly (no loose threads or tangled knots) and follow a regular pattern.

The original’s buttonholes are enhanced. They are well-stitched and appear to be in good condition. The phony Hugo boss polo t shirt you’re holding has a carelessly stitched or tattered buttonhole.

  • Quality clothing with a label under the collar

The inner collar of Hugo Boss polo t shirts is usually labeled. The label is always constructed of high-quality materials and sewn to the t shirt correctly. The logo is sewn on the label in the same manner as it is on the chest (color may differ). Clean, bold, perfectly spaced, and neatly stitched letterings. Even at the back of the label, you’ll find no loose ends. To avoid the weaves from falling loose, the labels feature additional stitching on the sides.

A fake Hugo Boss t shirt is identified by a label made of low-quality cloth. A Hugo Boss t shirt with a label that isn’t the Hugo Boss emblem in style or typography is a fake. Check for loose ends on the label’s backside as well.

  • Where you got it from and how much you paid for it matters.

It’s also possible to identify if a Hugo Boss t shirt is fake or original based on how much it costs and where it’s purchased.

Hugo Boss things are pricey due to the high quality of the materials used in their construction and their meticulous attention to detail. A Hugo Boss t shirt sold at a ridiculously low price will certainly be fake. Hugo Boss is also unlikely to supply their t shirts to street corner shops and neighborhood markets (particularly abroad). Any Hugo Boss t shirt you find in one of these stores could be fake.

When shopping online, you should be extra cautious, especially when you can’t inspect the t shirt completely. You may be left with little choice but to rely on the reviews of other customers to determine whether or not anything is genuine. Be aware that fraudulent t shirts might also receive positive feedback.

When shopping online, it’s best to stick to well-known retailers. You can also shop at stores with reasonable return policies. If you’re not happy with your clothing, you can return it this way.


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