How to induce vomiting in adults: why is it needed, what is the danger?

induce vomiting in adults

Sometimes, to make you feel better, you need to induce vomiting. This method is considered radical, but in case of poisoning, it will be a real salvation. Not everyone knows how to properly induce vomiting in adults and children so as not to harm their health.

It is artificially necessary to induce a gag reflex in case of food poisoning (low-quality, expired food, some foods that are not thermally processed), drug or alcohol poisoning, exacerbation of gastritis or pancreatitis (due to malnutrition) or when the stomach does not eat at all (stopping digestion) … It is important to prevent intoxication of the body, and the gag reflex is the most effective and accessible method in this case. Also, vomiting will help get rid of swallowed non-sharp objects. 

We will tell you how to induce vomiting in adults quickly, how to do it with your fingers, potassium permanganate, salt and other methods. 

What is a gag reflex, what is its danger

The emptying of the stomach from the remains of food and liquid is called the gag reflex. The remnants mix with gastric juice and leave the stomach as a result of smooth muscle spasms. During vomiting, a person feels throat irritation, a burning sensation in the throat and slight dizziness.  

A single induction of vomiting does not harm the body of an adult, but systematic induction of vomiting is fraught with a violation of the water-salt balance in the body, irritation of the stomach and esophagus, and the process of digestion and absorption of food is also disrupted. It is known that vomiting is caused by girls seeking to lose weight, subsequently such manipulations become the reasons for the development of anorexia and bulimia. 

It is necessary to induce the gag reflex in a timely manner, when the first symptoms appear: nausea, diarrhea. It is important to take the correct position to minimize discomfort and vomit does not get into the nose, so the position of the head should be horizontal. 

It is dangerous to induce vomiting in young children because it is difficult for them to control the release of vomit: children can re-swallow them. For cleansing, it is better for babies to do an enema or take them to the hospital. 

How to induce vomiting in a person urgently: all ways 

You can induce vomiting in adults with medication, mechanically, and folk remedies. 

Mechanical ways to induce vomiting in adults: 

  • How to induce vomiting in adults with your fingers. Putting your fingers deep in your mouth will cause nausea, which will lead to the stomach emptying process. Before manipulation, it is better to drink in one gulp from 0.5 to 1 liter of warm water. After emptying the stomach, rinse your mouth with water and drink a little. 
  • How to induce vomiting if you feel sick. Press down on the base of your tongue at the back of your mouth. This can be done with a spoon or other safe object.

Folk remedies to induce vomiting in adults: 

  • How to induce vomiting in adults with potassium permanganate. 

Potassium permanganate is one of the most common drugs used to induce vomiting in adults. It is necessary to drink a large enough volume of water so that the walls of the stomach stretch and the pressure on the esophagus increases. In addition, potassium permanganate disinfects. Very important: do not overdo it with the amount of pellets! The solution should be light pink, otherwise you can provoke a burn of the mucous surfaces of the esophagus and stomach. 

How to dilute potassium permanganate: dilute potassium permanganate in a small amount of water, add water so that the total volume reaches 2 liters. Drink the potassium permanganate solution slowly, in small sips. It happens that after being drunk, the gag reflex is formed by itself, but sometimes it is necessary to help yourself with one of the mechanical methods that we wrote about above. 

  • How to induce vomiting in adults with salt or baking soda.  

After potassium permanganate, these are the most popular ways to induce vomiting in adults. It is necessary to dissolve 40 g of soda in 1 liter of water. The soda solution is drunk in large sips, it is important to try to keep the liquid in the stomach for 3 minutes. Soda solution has antimicrobial properties and heals the mucous membrane. Saline solution to induce vomiting in adults: 2 tsp. in 1 glass of water. Soda-salt solution is considered an equally effective way. To do this, dilute salt and soda in 2.5 liters of water in equal proportions (20 g each). 

  • Mustard water, herbal decoction. 

To make mustard water, you need to dissolve 1 tsp. ready-made mustard in a glass of water. The solution is drunk in one gulp. 

But to stop vomiting, you must completely dissolve 15 g of soda in a glass of water and drink it in one gulp. The gag reflex disappears pretty quickly. 

When Vomiting Is Hazardous to Health and Life

Do not induce vomiting in adults if: 

  • the person is unconscious, unable to swallow (aspiration pneumonia may develop when vomit is inhaled); 
  • sharp and hard objects are swallowed – vomiting can cause damage to the esophagus or its blockage; 
  • Foaming substances such as soap are swallowed, which can enter the lungs and cause pneumonia; 
  • swallowed alkaline or acidic substances that can cause burns to the mucous membranes of the esophagus and stomach; 
  • poisoning with petroleum products (gasoline, kerosene, solvent) occurred. 

It is worth noting that vomiting can cause dehydration, especially if accompanied by diarrhea. It is necessary to urgently call an ambulance when vomiting does not stop for 2 hours or longer, moreover, if a child, an elderly person or a pregnant woman is injured. Toxic poisoning, for example, mushrooms can be life-threatening, so it is important to induce vomiting in adults before the arrival of doctors. You can additionally put a cold compress on your stomach.

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