How to Lower Cholesterol: Exercises help lower cholesterol


How to lower cholesterol by exercising? We can ensure that cardiovascular work, provided that a healthy diet well accompanies it, is the best solution to reduce cholesterol levels.

According to the Spanish Heart Foundation’s recommendations, it is necessary to reduce cholesterol and frequent physical activity to eat a balanced diet.

This same entity admits that cardiovascular exercise helps lower glucose levels and achieves a decrease in blood pressure. Anyone who suffers from high cholesterol today should radically change their lifestyle, do physical activity regularly, and maintain a good diet, keeping cholesterol levels stable.

What exercise to do to improve cholesterol levels?

As we mentioned before, cholesterol levels do not exceed the recommended values, it is necessary to maintain an active lifestyle. In one of his readings, Steve Mann shows us what types of exercises are the most suitable for maintaining cholesterol levels. They are the following:

If you have a high cholesterol level, you should do physical exercise 5 days a week. In the routine, both strength work and aerobic exercise should be included to allow LDC (bad cholesterol) to decrease while HDL (good cholesterol) increases.

On the contrary, if the cholesterol level is high, and at the same time, due to weight or age, the person cannot move quickly, they should start with strength exercises to progressively increase their physical condition. For this, daily tasks such as walking or climbing stairs could be part of the daily routine. Those that involve collective impact should be avoided.

On the other hand, if the cholesterol levels are within the recommended parameters, with maintaining an active lifestyle (5 days a week of aerobic exercise and strength), you should not have problems when it comes to controlling cholesterol.

6 tips to lower cholesterol and keep it at bay

Next, we show you a list of straightforward tips that help keep cholesterol levels at bay. However, remember that none of them can replace the medical consultation or the treatment indicated by the professional.

Start walking

Walking is one of the most effective exercises in reducing cholesterol. However, if we want this work to be practical, we must make long and somewhat intense runs, trying to reach at least 100 beats per minute.

We will have to continuously carry out the exercise, with walks of between 30 minutes and an hour in duration. The latter is necessary to draw on fat reserves (key for cholesterol). We can do this activity daily, if not possible, at least three or four days a week.

Start swimming regularly

If you are looking for a cardiovascular exercise but with better caloric expenditure results, you can opt for swimming. One of its main advantages is the low level of collective impact, something significant if cholesterol levels are high or if mobility is reduced.

For the work to be practical it will be necessary to have a good command of swimming and technique since the effort must be maintained for the time required to achieve the objective. If you lean this way. we recommend practicing and training the swimming technique first.

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If walking seems too little, start running

The act of walking is incredibly dull for many people. If we want to go up a small step in the set-up, running is a good option. To achieve an ideal result and not leave it to the first of changes.

it will be convenient to start gradually.

For example, you can start for 15 minutes and gradually increase your pace as a starting point. As with swimming, it would be interesting to go to a physical activity professional to improve the running technique.

Dancing as a fun activity to lower cholesterol

Dancing is an activity with a significant relevance of the active component, which allows us to interact with more people while improving the cardiovascular level. At the very moment.

it will enable us to work on other essential physical qualities at certain ages, such as balance or agility.

Activities in sports centers

Currently, sports centers have numerous cardiovascular activities that will lower cholesterol levels while activating the burning of fat.

Once in the sports center we can also work on muscle strength, which will help us keep the muscles in tone after the previous fat burning.

The importance of a balanced diet to lower cholesterol

We can say that around 65% of the population with high cholesterol is due to genetic factors. However, the remaining 35% should control it by maintaining a varied, balanced, and healthy diet. For this, a low-fat diet will be essential so that cholesterol levels do not skyrocket.

As you have seen, reducing cholesterol is quite simple as long as we are advised by a professional.

we comply with their instructions. To achieve the goal, we must be constant and put the best of ourselves. You can also visit and read about Kegel exercises

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