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Blurry videos are inevitable for video content creators and even regular streamers — the chances of experiencing this menace increase significantly if you are constantly moving files between different computers. We dare say many computer users, even some tech nerds, are unaware that a blurry video can be corrected. That’s why we’ve dedicated this article to explaining how to make a video less blurry.


A video can become blurred for a variety of reasons. Therefore identifying what the real problem is might be a little bit difficult. But there are a few popular ones, such as incompatibility issues between the media player and the device, missing components, unavailability of space, or encoding problems.

Software Compatibility

When a video suddenly becomes blurry, the first thing you need to do is examine your media player’s compatibility with the video format. You might still be able to stream the video even if there are compatibility issues, but the quality might be less than standard. Restoring a media player to its default settings may correct the issue, and if it doesn’t, you will most definitely need to run a software update on your media player. An updated version of the software might be what is required.

Codec Support

A codec is a digital algorithm built to process audio and video media streams. A video is formatted as a file compressed with a specific codec type. So when a video fails to stream properly in a media player with the right media format, it means the computer does not support the codec of the files. Media players are always integrated with support for codecs like MPEG-2 and DivX.

Disk Space

If the video remains blurry after you’ve tried the first two methods, it is highly advised to check your computer’s disk space for overloading. When many files and applications have been installed, it can limit the computer’s performance. In this case, you may have to delete unused applications. This would increase the speed of the system processor, making videos play at a more convenient rate. Also, ensure that programs are not running in the background, which may cause video streaming to lag.

File Integrity

Poor encoding can also cause blurriness in a video. Any of the procedures discussed above will be ineffective if a video file has not been properly digitized. Deleting unused apps and files will not solve this problem either. Finding and republishing the source file is the only solution to this problem.


Use Vector Art

You have two options when taking a video: vector art and raster art. While raster art is made up of pixels, vector art is made up of a mathematical computation. This particular raster art feature does not work well with zooming because it will most likely cause the video to be blurry. The vector art can also scale your video without blurring it. But most importantly, make sure you scale your video using vector art.

Utilize the Right File Formats

Another important factor in making a blurry video clear is to choose the proper format. Every video has a defined format that allows it to be consistent and clear in order to accomplish its goal. The MP4 file format is the most widely used video format. Using this format ensures that you will obtain a high-quality movie with modest file size. After compressing, an MP4 video format is compatible with any device and application. It is compatible with Microsoft, computers, phones, tablets, televisions, and a variety of other devices.

Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare Recoverit software is a fast and premium data recovery tool used to recover the following: MP4, M2TS, 3GP, MOV, MKV, MTS, AVI, and FLV files formats. You can recover corrupted videos during file transfer, processing, converting, or editing using the Quick or Advance Repair modes.

How to Fix Blurry Videos with Recoverit

Step 1: Add The Blurry Video(s)

To add your blurry video, click on the folder where the video is located.

Step 2: Scan the Video

Now the software will take a few minutes to scan the folder for the problematic video.

Step 3: Restore Video

When the software is done scanning, scroll through the folder and select the video(s) you’d like to restore. You’re also allowed to preview the file just to be sure you picked the right video. Click on recover afterwards.

Step 4: Advance Repair

If you’re looking to recover a large video or don’t like the quality of the recovered video, you can carry out further repair by clicking on the Advance Video Recovery. Then select the start button.

Advance Repair

Step 5 Restore The Video

Wait for the software to scan for a while. Select the videos you want to recover and click the recover button.

Restore The Video


Except you have all the time in the world to spare, you most likely won’t enjoy spending ample time trying to repair blurry videos. This is where the Recoverit software comes in. The chances that your blurry videos will become clear is incredibly high, added to the fact that you’ll get a near-instantaneous result.

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