How to Make Money With Twitter Account


Web-based media has now become a sea of opportunities. Where you’ll make money with Twitter is not any different. Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, you probably have a Twitter account in the brand of your business. 

Aside from where one gets the newest news and trends. Twitter users have various ways to make money with the Twitter account they need.

In Q3 2019, Twitter recorded 145 million average monetizable daily active and 336 million monthly active users which justifies the growing popularity of Twitter. There are various ways to form money together with your Twitter account. 

One just must have an honest number of Twitter followers and an excellent Twitter profile that draws your audience . Earning on Twitter isn’t tough, and during this blog, we’ve listed a number of the proven methods to make money with a Twitter account.

Besides Twitter, Facebook is also running. People are reaching a better position by making money from Facebook in different ways. If you don’t know how to make money on Facebook. To know about it .

1. Use Sponsored Tweets

If you’re really popular on Twitter and have an outsized and interesting follower base. You’ll earn money by just sending out a tweet. 

This is often how a Sponsored Tweet works. Companies out there are able to pay you to tweet and promote their products, brands, and services. 

If you’re famous in your core area or community of individuals. You can reach bent brands of your interest and collaborate with them to market their products or services with a paid or sponsored tweet. 

Alternatively, you’ll check in for sponsored tweeting on some popular online platforms to attach with companies and try to find paid tweets. A couple of of them are:

  • SponsoredTweets ( On this platform, companies can look for and connect with Twitter influencers. you’ll analyze each creator’s content, personal information, social connections, and audience data to make an inventory of Twitter influencers best fitted to your business
  • ( This advertising platform sends out advertisements in your tweets. One has to create a profile and support the amount of followers, engagements, profile reach; advertisers choose your profile to publicize their campaigns. 

Once selected, you’ve got to agree on the required number of tweets on specific schedules and reciprocally , you get a payment amount. The model isn’t supported pay-per-click, and therefore the advertiser must select the simplest Twitter account for his or her promotion.

2. Use Affiliate Marketing to Sell Products

By promoting affiliate products on Twitter, you’ll generate an honest income. Affiliate marketing on Twitter means promoting other people’s products from your Twitter account. 

Under affiliate marketing, you share the merchandise link, and when someone purchases from the link. You get a hard and fast commission. 

Counting on your Twitter audience, you’ll do affiliate marketing within the areas of their interest. Don’t just start tweeting links; rather mix them together with your regular content. 

This may not make your account look spammy nor annoy your followers.

3. Sell Your Own Products

Preferred a helpless pony over no pony by any stretch of the imagination. As you have already got a reach on Twitter, your followers are presumably to have an interest in your product. 

You’ll post an attention grabbing image of your product, engaging description, relevant 

hashtags, and a connection that sidetracks to your site. you’ll post daily, weekly, or monthly deals and grow your business.

4. Traffic to Your Site, Blog, or Landing Page

Even if you’re not monetizing directly on Twitter. You’ll drive the traffic to your website, blog page, or lead page. 

For instance , you’ll give the link on your blog page in your tweet, which can redirect the traffic to the blog where you’ve got a quick glance of your product or service. 

You’ll generate leads by placing videos of the merchandise or service thereon page. Additionally, you’ll share your latest blog posts on your Twitter account to spice up traffic.

5. Advertise on Twitter

This is an in-direct way to make money with Twitter but with Twitter Ads, you’ll reach more people online and generate more sales for your business. 

Twitter ads are so effective that they show your tweets to the proper audience at the proper time. you’ll advertise supported demographics, specific interests, and more.

You can choose from “Promote Mode” and “Twitter Ads.” Twitter Ads just appear as if other tweets but are clearly labeled “Promoted.”

6. Monetize with Twitter Media Studio

Media Studio allows you to earn money directly from its platform by allowing two video monetization programs, In-Stream Video Ads and In-Stream Video Sponsorship.

  • In-Stream Video Ad: distributors can adapt their video content on Twitter by presenting recordings of upon 10 minutes with each tweet. supported tags you’ve got used for every video, these ads automatically pair your premium brand-safe video content with pre-roll from advertisers.
  • In-stream Video Guarantor: This sponsorship allows you to monetize premium content on Twitter, including live video, video clips, and sponsored formats. you’ll generate more revenue by aligning your premium video content with advertisers via a one-to-one sponsorship

So, start earning your way by using the above guide on how to make money with Twitter, and don’t forget to share your experiences within the comments section below.

How to make money through Twitter. In the same way, you can earn money by sharing posts on Facebook. 
But for this you need to have a full idea about sharing on Facebook. If you have no idea about it. You can to know how to create a sharing post on Facebook.


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