How to promote a Music video on Youtube?


Music is another art that brings peace to people. Now, people can have different interpretations of peace. For some, it may mean calm during meditation; for others, it can be rock music while solving maths equations. Therefore, the first step to growing on youtube goes beyond just googling how to get youtube views

You need to understand youtube as a platform. You can start finding answers to questions, such as: 

  1. What changes have been made on youtube recently
  2. How your fellow YouTubers are promoting their videos
  3. What is the audience feedback on your previous videos
  4. How to bring traffic from social media profiles to youtube

Now, these are a few basic questions that need to be answered, and you can create your list of do’s and don’ts to get more insight. Another thing, youtube works on an algorithm, which means you need to use a machine about how relevant and suitable your content is for your audience. It may sound a bit complex, but it is how youtube or any digital platform works. Do not feel disheartened; there is a solution for every problem, and here are a few tips to your rescue:

Be more professional

Maybe you started a youtube channel for fun, but even though it is for fun, your audience is here to gain something. It can be entertainment, fashion tips, self-care tips, or a lecture on John Rawl’s principles of justice that they missed in college. Precisely, your audience’s purpose in opening your video could be anything, but they require you to be more professional if you want to monetize your youtube channel. You can add a profile picture, website links, playlists, or any other information about you or your channel. It is the first step to engaging your audience with the channel.

Consistency is the key.

Profile picture, check; info, check– what’s next? Be consistent. Yes, it is not an exam or job; still, it demands consistency. No job or task in this world can help you achieve your goals while relaxing and taking too much off time. 

But, one mistake that all beginners make is taking consistency too seriously and bombarding YouTube subscribers with videos every time. Your subscribers love your content but supplying more than demand will cause you to fail in the YouTube economy. So, how to know what the right consistency level is?

Dear buddy, youtube is not only about videos, so hold the rush and see what more you can do with it. Explore and discover your options while your subscribers engage with your content; maybe you get an idea about your next video.

Use Search Engine Optimization

These are digital times, where everything from a needle to classes is available online. Businesses are using SEO to grow on digital platforms, and you can do that for your music video. First, identify what people are searching for when it comes to music, like keywords and phrases. Then, use those keywords in your music video’s video tags, description, and title of the video.

SEO is an excellent tool for video advertising. You can use it to boost your channel’s growth. If you need help, ask a professional service provider.

Finally, You’re all set!

Hopefully, these tips will help your music video gain more youtube views and further increase the number of subscribers. So, keep creating videos; you are doing a good job!

Michael Caine
Michael Caine is the Owner of Amir Articles and also the founder of ANO Digital (Most Powerful Online Content Creator Company), from the USA, studied MBA in 2012, love to play games and write content in different categories.

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