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    Facebook is perhaps the simplest social platform for organizing and sorting your friends list and keeping in-tuned with those you care about. it is easy to specialize in your close friends and see less information about people you recognize from high school or only met once.

    You can also narrow your list just to point out friends you latterly added or who recently added you. This list will show all the new profiles you added during the previous month approximately, so you’ll keep track of your new acquaintances.

    This article will show you how to see recently added friends of a friend on Facebook, regardless of what device you’re using.

    Check recently added friends on your PC or Mac

    On your computer, checking the list of your recently added friends may be a simple process. You only got to follow these simple instructions:

    • Open your browser.
    • Log in to your Facebook profile.
    • Click on your profile picture at the highest of the page.
    • Select the friends tab.

    This will show the Facebook profiles that you simply added within the previous weeks. If this tab is empty, it means you haven’t added any new profiles recently.

    How to see recently added friends on Facebook on mobile

    When it involves a mobile app, seeing recently added friends isn’t easy. This is often because there’s no Recently Added tab in the least in Facebook apps and mobile web versions. Instead, you’ll have to manually open the online browser version. The method is different for iPhone and Android systems.

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    How to see recently added friends on Facebook on Android 

    To see your recently added friends on Android, you would like to open the PC version. Follow these steps:

    1. Open Google Chrome.
    2. Enter Facebook within the address bar and attend the location.
    3. Log in to your Facebook account.
    4. Click on the three dots within the upper right corner of the page.
    5. Check the “Desktop Site” option.

    This should lead you to the desktop version of Facebook. Just follow the equivalent steps from the section above to seek out your recent friends. Note that this may consume tons more of your mobile data, so confirm you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    How to see recently added friends on iPhone

    The process is the same if you’re using Google Chrome on your iPhone. However, if you favor Safari, you should:

    1. Open Safari.
    2. Enter Facebook within the address bar.
    3. Visit the web site.
    4. Log in to your Facebook account.
    5. Click on the address bar to edit it.
    6. Remove the “m” from the start of the URL. (M.facebook …)

    This should lead you to the desktop version of the location.

    Do you see your friends’ newly added friends?

    You can use an equivalent method to ascertain your friends’ recently added friends. Just enter the profile you would like to see, attend the friend’s tab and choose “Recent Friends”.

    However, this relies on your friend’s privacy settings. If your friend chooses to form his friend list private, you will not be ready to see his recent friends.

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    Hide friends list

    If you create your friends list private, nobody but you’ll see your recent friends. Is there a simple thanks to do this:

    • Open Facebook in your browser.
    • Click on your profile photo.
    • Select the buddies tab.
    • Press the Control (knob) button on the proper.
    • Click the button next to “Who can see your friends list?” And customize it.

    To you

    Checking your recent friends are often helpful if you would like to remind yourself of individuals you’ve met, potential dates, and so on. But it also can assist you check for unusual activity on your profile. If you do not remember adding certain profiles or a number of them seem suspicious, the likelihood is that your profile has been hacked.

    Have you had any security issues together with your profile? And does one like better to hide or publish your friends list? Allow us to know within the comments section.

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