How To Set Up a Perfect Caravan Camping on Waterside Holiday Park


Static caravans are an ideal place to spend your holidays and disconnect from your daily bustles at home. You can set up your vacay residence and enjoy your adventures away from your home as often as you desire. As a first-timer, you should consider some steps when setting up the static caravan. I will be taking you through these easy tips so that your adventure is smooth and fun-filled. 

Static caravan camping can give families with kids and pets a memorable vacation together. You can enjoy your floating home without having too much responsibility for maintaining it or going back home before time because of work commitments. They provide all the amenities you need that would otherwise require extra money if staying in hotels. 

Here are steps you must follow to install a static caravan on the Waterside Holiday Park

1. Obtain Approval for Your Caravan 

First, you must get permission from Waterside Holiday Park management before setting up your caravan. This step is essential to avoid any inconvenience and problems with the law in the future. Make sure you get all approvals before moving on to other steps involved in static caravan holiday camping. 

For instance, you will need a valid driving license for identification so that managers can verify your credentials. Approvals will take a short time, but they try to make it possible before the holiday season begins. 

2. Book Your Site 

 Once you have your approvals, the next step is to book a site. Waterside Holiday Park managers offer different types of sites that suit different budgets and preferences. You can choose one according to what you require for relaxing holidays with family or friends. 

If there are special occasions like birthdays coming up in your close circle of friends and family, consider booking the best available site to provide ample space for everyone staying at once during this memorable occasion. This method also reduces any inconvenience later on when guests decide not to bunk together. 

The process may be longer during the peak seasons. However, you can start booking in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Place your appointment as early as six months from the holiday date. It is better to book at least two weeks before your intended departure. 

3. Inspect Your Caravan 

Once you receive confirmation for your booking, check out the caravan available on-site. You can do so by visiting it in person or looking up an online catalog beforehand to spot any damage if possible. If there are visible damages when you arrive at the site, take pictures and send them to park management immediately before setting up the rest of the static caravan holiday camping gear. 

You must contact Waterside Holiday Park representatives as soon as possible about these issues because small cracks may worsen with time due to changing weather conditions. 

Before starting any repairs yourself, get approval from managers, which will be faster than waiting until they come to inspect the caravan themselves. They will be able to assess the damages on the site, after which you can plan your next steps accordingly. 

4. Connect Water Supply & Fixtures 

Once you have all the necessary approvals, it is time to set up your static caravan holiday home with water and appliances. You can either do this yourself or hire an expert to help you, depending on your budget. 

However, if it is the first time you are setting up a static caravan holiday home with all its amenities, then hiring someone may be better. Experts know what steps to follow for proper installation. It will save any further inconvenience later on, especially when using these facilities during peak seasons where demand goes high across the UK. 

Make sure that everything is working accordingly before connecting fixtures. Mistakes at this stage could lead to even more problems down the line after spending thousands of pounds. 

5. Acquire Your TV Licence 

To ensure a hassle-free static caravan holiday camping experience, acquire your TV license. In the UK, it costs around £150 for one year, and you have the choice of paying monthly or yearly subscriptions. 

Also, if any special offers are going on at Waterside Holiday Park, consider taking advantage of them. They usually offer discounted prices during this time of the year, especially when summer holidays begin. 

If you have a license for your home, you can use it in your caravan when you are on holiday. However, if this is not the case, then purchase one before setting up the static caravan holiday home for uninterrupted TV entertainment during holidays. 

6. Caravan Genie 

For your convenience, Waterside Holiday Park also offers a caravan genie. It can store all items that you need for the static caravan holiday camping experience. 

The genie includes bedding, linen, and pillows, among other things you may require when sleeping or relaxing. You can also hire this storage facility by the day to avoid any inconvenience when packing up at the end of your vacation before returning home since it will not take much space inside the car. 


Setting up your static caravan holiday camp can be a lengthy yet worthwhile process. You will need to acquire a TV license and ensure that everything is working before connecting fixtures. In addition, you must inspect your caravan for damages and get approval from park management about these issues since they can deteriorate over time. 


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