How to Unmute Someone on Instagram – Easy Tips


Instagram is among the most fascinating social media platforms that anyone can use. On this platform, you can see pictures, life stories, and videos from all over the world. Provided that you hit the follow button, you will have access to what other people upload on their accounts. However, there are a few instances where you will get very tired, or even annoyed by some users’ excesses, and you will never want to see what they upload. The best solution to this is to mute them. If after some time you feel like you have missed them, and want to bring them back again, then you will be asking how to unmute them. The reason for unmuting is that you need more followers, and when you also buy Instagram followers, you can increase the number of those who are following you.

Here are the easy tips that can help you unmute someone on Instagram.

Step 1: Find the unmuted account.

This can be found under the Connections, which is under the privacy settings. Once there, you will see the list of all those that you have muted. You can then choose the ones to unmute, depending on what you want. In simple terms, you follow the following process: Go to settings>privacy>muted accounts. After you have completed this, the account will have been muted and you will start seeing their posts again. But remember that you might be required to log into your Instagram account and confirm that the account has indeed been unmuted, and updated.

Step 2: Do it via their Posts.

You can go through the posts of the people you have muted on their profiles, and unmute them from there. This is one of the simplest techniques that you can follow. The process can be broken down into:

  • Visit the profile of the users.
  • Look up their posts.
  • Click on the available three dots and click on unmute.

Once you complete this process, you will have unmuted the account and their posts will start showing on your profile again.

Step 3: Use the “following” icon.

This method works great when you want to unmute Instagram accounts using a computer. It’s an easy and stress-free procedure that anyone can follow. Here is the simple procedure that you can follow:

  • Go to the person’s profile
  • Go to the “following icon”
  • Click on the “unmute” button
  • Slide on the posts and stories icon. You can choose whichever you want to unmute.

Step 4: Use the chatbox.

You can use the chat function especially if you unmute their messages from notifications. Here is how you can do that:

  • Go to the chatbox and then choose the user that you want to be unmuted.
  • Tab a Circle icon that contains the letter “I”.
  • Slide on the mute call and mute messages notifications, and you are done.


You will understand that having more Instagram followers can help make you more popular, while also increasing the popularity of your brands. So, make sure that you unmute everyone that you have muted, while also considering buying Instagram followers, which helps to shore up the number of your followers on Instagram.

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