“I am alone, I am like the wind.” Mitya Fomin lost his father, lost his Hi-Fi repertoire and remained a bachelor


The artist boasts luxury real estate in Moscow, Italy and the Crimea, a toned torso and a personal fan club. However, the current popularity of Mitya Fomin is difficult to compare with the times of performances with Hi-Fi.

On January 17, Mitya Fomin turns 48, but he looks much younger. The secret lies not only in constant training, trips to a beautician and facial massage: the singer spoke about the painful procedure of laser exposure to the deep layers of the dermis, after which collagen begins to be actively produced in the skin. But plastic, according to the artist, he did not do.

It is necessary to closely monitor Mitya’s appearance and health, if only because he has been on stage for more than 20 years, and a new generation of performers is on the heels. However, despite the fact that the artist went solo back in 2009, many listeners just miss Fomin’s old repertoire, created in the Hi-Fi group. Why did the singer lose the right to include the band’s hits in his program? About this and not only – in our material.

Boy from Novosibirsk

Dmitry Fomin was born in Novosibirsk, becoming the second child of the candidate of technical sciences Anatoly Danilovich and patent engineer Tamara Pavlovna. The elder sister Svetlana went to a music school, so later they decided to send Mitya there, although such expenses hit the family budget. “A music school for Mitya cost 23 rubles a month – in general, pretty decently,” the artist’s mother noted.

Parents also thought about the fact that the child should temper health, so the boy attended the swimming section. Since then, Fomin fell in love with sports, but he knew for sure that he would connect his fate with the stage: he constantly sang to pop records and played the artist. It is all the more surprising that after school the young man entered a medical school, and not a conservatory.

“The music school took away my desire to study music, but not my love for music,” Mitya explained. – Playing a musical instrument is a colossal work, especially for a child, when you don’t understand why you need it at all. Then comes the realization that this is a gift – to extract sounds from a musical instrument. Since I studied at the central Novosibirsk school, there was a medical institute across the road. I was also active in animals. At some point, I told my mother: I want to be a veterinarian. And then it was an agricultural profession, no one treated parrots. If you want to heal, be a doctor. And I went to medical school. And I didn’t want to go to serve in the army. At the same time, I am a reserve lieutenant, because all doctors are liable for military service.”

Soon Fomin took an academic leave and went abroad. “Because I had an old dream – that I would become an artist,” the singer emphasized in a conversation with Lera Kudryavtseva in the Secret for a Million program on NTV. – But when I arrived in the States, I realized that no one was waiting for me there. When I ran out of money, I realized that something had to be done. And I started massaging: I went home, because there were no conditions.

Everything would be fine, but sometimes customers took Mitya not for a massage therapist, but for a person who was ready to provide services of an intimate nature for money. I had to carry a newspaper with an ad and inspire harassing clients that his work was not related to prostitution. The guy was left without money and thrown out of the houses, so years later he was generally surprised how he survived in an acute situation.

After living in the USA and England, Mitya returned home and continued to study. However, the diploma of a pediatrician did not come in handy for him: abroad, he got acquainted with the theater and began to write music, finally strengthening his idea of ​​\u200b\u200bbecoming an artist. Until now, videos are circulating on the Web, where Shura sings in a fashionable Novosibirsk club, and Fomin performs with a friend as a backup dancer. Both performers call that period rock and roll: constant hangouts with alcohol were a common thing for Mitya Fomin, he had not yet become an adherent of a healthy lifestyle.

Shura, who was just starting his career in the capital, told a friend about the beautiful life in Moscow. Unexpectedly for acquaintances, Fomin also left for the metropolis, and he effortlessly entered the acting department of VGIK, where 70 applicants applied for a place. Perhaps we would have seen the performer on the stage if he hadn’t run into fellow countrymen in the capital – producer Eric Chanturia and composer Pavel Yesenin.


August 2, 1998 is considered the birthday of the Hi-Fi group, because on this day model Oksana Oleshko, Timofey Pronkin and Mitya Fomin recorded a video for the track “Not Given”. The singles “Homeless Child”, “And We Loved” and “Stupid People” became hits, and the team members turned into stars. Mitya was perceived as the soloist of the trio, and for a long time no one guessed that he was only opening his mouth for Pavel Yesenin, the composer and founder of the project, who also collaborated with Shura. The fact is that Pavel did not like Fomin’s vocals, and he was not interested in the media, because the tour distracted him from creating music.

“I found a wonderful verb for my existence: I animated the songs of Pasha Yesenin. I moved well, but the matter was not limited to this: I was interesting to the press, society, they copied me, they were fond of me, they loved me. But I was embarrassed that I did not sing, and considered it my burden. Our concerts have always been different; I understood that what people listen to on CDs and cassettes should not be like what they will see at a concert. I was myself both a prompter and an improviser, I did some kind of eyeliners, epilogues. And I always listened to musicians who did miracles with their voices – Annie Lennox, Zhanna Aguzarova, Boy George, ”Mitya admitted.

Glory turned out to be a heavy burden for Fomin, and the stormy parties that the group members got to were also accompanied by a sea of ​​​​alcohol and … drugs. Once Mitya tried illegal substances, and he was carried away into the world of such terrible hallucinations that the desire to continue taking them disappeared forever.

In 2003, Oksana left the group, who decided to devote herself to her family. Tatyana Tereshina replaced her for a couple of years, then Ekaterina Lee became the vocalist. It seemed that the men were holding on tightly to the project, but in 2009 Fomin decided to go his own way, tired of being Yesenin’s understudy.

Soon Mitya signed a contract with Maxim Fadeev, but the cooperation did not work out: the artist seemed to have a tough framework, and he did not have the patience to wait for a new hit to be offered to him. In 2010, the singer independently released the singles “That’s it” and “Everything will be fine”, which soared to the top of the charts.

Today, on his birthday, the artist released a video for the song “Amazing”, which was filmed for six days in the most beautiful places in Uzbekistan.

“Alien Dreams”, “City Lights”, “Good Song” – solo songs brought Fomin awards and nominations for music channels. Here are just a part of the fans still missing the times and hits of Hi-Fi. In 2018, the dreams of the listeners came true: the golden line-up of the group performed at the Olimpiysky. True, the bright reunion did not affect the fact that the management forbade Mitya to perform the project’s tracks at concerts.

“These 10 years have simply been erased from my life. Now, when people ask me to sing, for example, “Homeless Child”, I tell them “no”. They don’t understand why, and neither do I. I put so much into it, I believed so much. In the end, he brought more than one million dollars to the producers of this team. I’ve been a fool Why did I trust everyone, why didn’t I protect myself? I was speculated, manipulated. Roughly speaking, it was highly paid slavery. I understand that it was not a good time,” said the musician on the YouTube show “Open, David!”.

Public opinion

Fomin not only released albums, toured and shot videos, but also realized the hidden potential within the framework of various shows. “Fort Boyard”, “Star Ice”, “Just Like It”, “Fear Factor”, the now popular Comment Out, where Mitya stunned the audience on the spot, demonstrating a naked torso – this is only a small part of the projects where our hero appeared. Haters sarcastically noted that such activity in television programs only indicates that the performer is not in demand as a musician.

By the way, about exposure: it is for explicit content in social networks that the singer is most often condemned. “It is believed that if you appeal to education, inner peace, generally accepted values, this is good and right. But if it refers to the elements of physical culture or external achievements, then this is something shameful. But appearance is also important, it is also a person’s culture, his calling card. Personally, I consider it necessary and important to share my achievements with subscribers who share my point of view, because it is work, and not small, in order to look like me at my age. Moreover, I am far from the ideal of what a man in his age can look like. The naked body is nothing more than a tool for me. When you come to the Uffizi Gallery or the Pushkin Museum, you don’t faint, seeing naked priests from the paintings of Rubens and Titian? — the artist argued in an interview for StarHit.

Not only the love of demonstrating the results of training caused surprise among netizens. In the same Comment Out, Mitya was compared with the young Boris Moiseev for his hair and a certain style of dress. “Is it the only one who thinks that Mitya is gradually turning into Borya Moiseev?”; “Fomin came and cheered everyone up with his mere presence. Bravo!” – the audience praised Mitya.

Family matters

Before Fomin’s eyes was an example of a strong and friendly family: his mom and dad lived together for 50 years. And I must say that this period would have been even longer if the singer’s father had not died in 2014. “It’s been stupid! Anatoly Danilovich loved life. It was a joker, the soul of the company, who loved his mother to unconsciousness, ”the artist complained.

Papa Fomin went to one of his dachas, lit the fireplace, drank and fell asleep. A neighbor rushed into the house, who noticed that the stove was smoking. The room was ventilated, and since it seemed to Anatoly Danilovich that the situation was settled, he stayed outside the city for a couple more days. When the man returned, Mitya’s mother saw that her husband was completely black, earthy in color, and called an ambulance. Unfortunately, two days later, the musician’s father died in intensive care from carbon monoxide poisoning. Until now, the singer recalls a relative with tears in his eyes and regrets that he was not immediately informed about the tragedy: he could have used his acquaintances and resources.

Even after her husband left, Tamara Pavlovna refused to leave the apartment in Novosibirsk. But the son called her to Moscow, but the daughter – to Italy. Svetlana graduated from the Milan Conservatory, married a local resident and stayed abroad.

Having gained popularity, Mitya spent money not only on beautiful things, but also invested in real estate. Together with his sister, they bought a “box” of a stone house in Italy for 20 thousand dollars. After a global renovation, the mansion, of course, soared in price. However, Fomin emphasized that due to local laws on the protection of historical property, it is necessary to coordinate changes in the roof, walls and other details, and even pay a considerable tax.

An apartment on Frunzenskaya Embankment in Moscow, a studio with a sea view in Sevastopol, a country house by a lake in a village near Moscow – Fomin is an enviable groom. But no one dragged the singer down the aisle.


In 2010, it was rumored that Mitya had an affair with businesswoman Ksenia Merz, and things were moving towards a wedding, but the marriage never happened. Seven years later, a woman appeared in the studio of the show “Actually” with the news that Fomin could become the father of her daughter, but a DNA study refuted this assumption. Ksenia also said that she had an abortion during the relationship, as she was not sure of the seriousness of the musician’s intentions. The revelation upset the singer, because with Merz he expected to start a family.

Mitya was credited with novels with Zhanna Friske and Tanya Tereshina, but the gossip was not confirmed. A lot of noise was made by the statement of the artist himself about his desire to become a sperm donor: the public could not understand why Fomin did not want to transfer his genes in a more standard way by marrying a girl he liked. The singer explained that he was no longer sure of his readiness for a full-fledged marriage, because he was used to relying only on himself and was disappointed in love more than once. But the performer continues to dream about children.

“I would like to take the chance that modern medicine gives,” Mitya shared with StarHit. – But only if I’m sure that the child will have a real mother and family. Ready to communicate with girls who are in search of quality semen.

We can say that the singer’s desire was partially realized, because he has two godchildren: the son of hockey player Igor Volkov and the daughter of Tanya Tereshina Aris. It was not possible to see the boy often, because he lives with his family in Kaliningrad, but with the girl everything turned out to be easier – Tereshina has a house right next to Mitya’s suburban area. In any case, fans still have a chance to change the enviable groom’s views on marriage.

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