Importance Of Hiring A Professional Plumber


However, sometimes this can cause the job to go wrong or provide less than ideal results. You may find watching a DIY YouTube video inspiring, but halfway through you will realize that you don’t know what you’re doing.

You may save money by hiring a handyman to do the job quickly, but you will be paying more for the same problem later.

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime, so calling a professional plumbing service such as Wilco Plumbing to resolve them is the best option.

Training And Experience

Plumbers are professionals who have been specifically trained in plumbing. This is different from handymen who are considered to only be skilled in one area but not the others. You can attempt to fix your plumbing problem yourself but likely you don’t have plumbing training. And even if you do, you won’t be able to deal with as complex situations as the professionals.

High-Quality Equipment

A professional plumber has all the tools necessary, as opposed to a handyman who might only use what is available. Professional plumbers don’t need to look at every part of the store, which can be a problem for many amateurs who don’t always know what they need. The most modern technology is available to professional plumbers. This includes video camera inspections for sewer lines and other plumbing-specific equipment that are owned and operated only by professionals.

Although local home improvement shops carry a wide range of plumbing tools, pipes, and water heaters, the products may not be the same as those sold by professionals. There are two types of products that many manufacturers make: ones for the general public and one for licensed professionals.

Two examples are water heaters and toilets. Only licensed plumbers can purchase supplies from professional supply shops that are only open to contractors. These are usually of higher quality and last longer. Many products aren’t available on the general market.

Professional plumbing solutions, like sewer camera inspections, should only be performed by licensed professionals. One, sewer cameras can be expensive and, even if they are available, quality is not guaranteed. A specialist can help them ensure that they are addressing the right concerns and drawing the line to offer the best repair option.

Professional plumbers can find problems early on before they become worse and cause more damage. These types of problems can’t be detected by your local handyman or DIY plumber. A true plumber, with the right equipment and training, can identify the cause of the problem. He will also inspect the entire system to look for other issues.


Plumbers will know how to update your building to the latest codes. They can also ensure your drinking water is safe. Doing this yourself can cause injury and property damage. Most accidents are caused when people don’t understand what they’re doing. That is why professionals are recommended.

Guaranteed Fix

Professional plumbers will repair any problems they have. Wilco Plumbing offers lifetime warranties on all our chemically welded fittings and schedule 40 pipes, as well ABS and PVC. These guarantees are not available from handymen and will be very difficult to enjoy if you do the job yourself.

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