Importance of Holy Quran


Do you know about the importance of the Holy Quran? Let’s know! In this article, we shed light on what Quran is and its importance for all Muslims. As Muslims, we must know about the Quran because it’s all about the words of Allah in the form of a book for all human beings. We should learn Quran and recite it every day.

Quran is the most precious and sacred book that has a complete guide for human beings. It has divine knowledge and the message of Allah for all Muslims to spend life on Earth accurately.  The one who reads this book gains countless rewards in the world and hereafter. Besides, it’s full of knowledge, wisdom, cures, solutions to all problems. Before knowing the importance of the Quran, let’s know basic facts about Quran!

What is Quran

The literal meaning of the Quran is ” that which is being read.” Quran is the last book revealed on the last Holy Prophet PBUH named Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. It contains 114 surah, 6666 verses, and 54 Rakku divided into 30 parts. Quran revelation was completed over 23 years as 10 in Madina and 13 in Makkah.

Importance of Holy Quran

Let’s know how Quran benefits us in the world and hereafter!

Quran is Reminder

Quran is a reminder for those who recite Quran with Tajweed daily to direct them on the right path. It reminds us that life is transitory, and we live our lives according to the message of Allah to get rewards. Allah says:

Truly there is a reminder in this for anyone who has a heart, or who listens attentively with the presence of mind.

When a person listens and recites Quran’s daily routine, he reminds herself of what he has to do in his life according to the bliss of Allah.

Source of blessing and Mercy

The person who reads Quran with heart, Allah showers his mercy and blessing on him. Sometimes we read Quran but don’t have to focus on its word; it’s cent percent wrong. We should recite and listen Quran attentively. Allah will surely bless us with mercy and blessings.


No doubt, Holy Quran is a complete code of life. Many non-muslim scientists read and understand this book to discover and invent things on Earth. If we want to know what Allah says to Muslims, we should read Quran with translation. It will certainly change our lives because we will come to know the purpose of our life.

Importance of learning and reciting the Quran

The person who learns and recites Quran with Tajweed will intercede for him on the Day of Judgment. Besides, the person who  Recites one word of the Quran will get ten rewards from Allah. If we want to be the favorite person of Allah in the world, we should read Quran daily. Especially when kids become 3-4 years old, parents should send them to any Quran Madrassas for learning Quran.

If there’s no source of sending kids to a local Quran teacher, then don’t worry! Technology made it easy for your kids to learn Quran at home. Join our online Quran classes for teaching your kids Quran with high qualified Quran teachers. We offer interactive Quran learning with a proper Arabic accent.

Final thoughts

Holy Quran is the source of getting Allah’s bliss and affection in the world and hereafter. If we want to succeed in our lives, we should learn the Quran with Tajweed, recite, listen, and understand it attentively.

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