Informative Guide About The Entire Application Process Of Visa 602

Informative Guide About The Entire Application Process Of Visa 602

While staying in Australia, the situation may arise when you may have to stay longer than expected for any medical reason or support someone needing medical treatment. For such an instance, you will require a medical treatment visa Australia. The name of this visa is Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602. This article covers all the information necessary to apply for this visa.

Who can apply for this visa?

This Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602 is a temporary visa used by people to seek medical consultations or medical treatment in Australia. People who want to donate organs or support someone needing medical attention are also eligible for this visa. But, you cannot apply for this visa for any treatment for surrogate motherhood. You can be it or outside Australia at the time of your application. But, you must be at the exact location at the time of the decision, too. 

What does this visa offer?

Besides medical assistance, this visa will allow you to study in Australia for three months, except your age is less than 18 and circumstances change during your time in Australia. You can also travel to Australia once to enter the country to complete your treatment procedure and as many times as you wish until the visa expires. 

What are the conditions you have to meet for this visa 602?

There are several requirements that you must meet to become eligible to be granted this visa. Before applying, you may consult with any consulting firm like Migration Agent Perth, who will extremely happy to help you. Any one of the following conditions is applicable for visa eligibility.

  1. It would help if you had a proper plan for medical treatment or medical consultation in Australia.
  2. You may want to donate an organ to someone.
  3. A patient or organ donor coming with you may apply for the visa.
  4. You will receive an organ from someone who is going to Australia with you.
  5. If you are coming to Australia under the mutual arrangements between the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and the Queensland Department of Health, you can also apply.
  6. If you are in Australia and aged 50 or more and are refused a permanent visa on health grounds.

What are the financial requirements for this visa?

You must show before the Department of Home Affairs that you will support yourself while staying in Australia. Moreover, you should have sufficient money to support your travel and treatment. You need to submit proofs that you have made necessary arrangements for your treatment, other expenses like lodging, food, and travel and costs of another person who have come with you, such as expenses for an organ donor. Regarding the payment in a public hospital, you must submit documents depicting the treating hospital approved the amount.

What are the health requirements?

It may sound a little weird as the visa itself is related to health issues. But, you have to meet specific health requirements. After you have applied for the visa, you will be going through health examinations to ensure that you do not have any infectious disease, specifically tuberculosis. Well, you should not arrange the health examination until you get the green signal from the department. If someone comes with you to Australia to provide necessary support during your treatment, he or she should also go through health examinations prescribed by the department. 

What character requirements you need to submit?

You must provide necessary police certificates given by the country you have lived in at least 12 months in the past 10 years after you turned 16 years of age. Just like the health certificates, the exact condition applies to the police certificates too. Do not arrange for them until the department asks for it.

What other conditions you have to meet?

If you have any outstanding debts to the Australian government, you must make them cleared. If clearing seems complicated, then at least you should arrange for repayment. In addition to that, you will have to provide biometrics, which is a scientific form of identification and used as a crucial part of any visa application.

Important points regarding the post-application procedure

If your application is granted, the department will let you know about that. You will get a letter of acknowledgement. Here are essential points that you should note about the post-application procedure of visa subclass 602. 

  1. Processing time will vary: There are service standards related to the department’s time to process the visa applications. The processing time will vary according to your country. It will also vary depending on whether you lodge your application from inside or outside Australia. If you stay in Australia at the time of application, you can get a temporary Bridging Visa that will allow you to stay while the application process is going on. If you want to travel outside Australia during that period, you should apply for a Bridging Visa B.
  2. The cost will vary: There will be no fees required if you apply from outside Australia or represent a foreign government. A three hundred-odd Australian Dollars will be required if you’re in Australia at the time of application.
  3. You may have to provide more information: If you wish to provide more details, you should do it before the department has decided. The department itself can also ask you for any additional information. You will have to submit that by a given date. After that date, the department will inform you about the final decision. Remember, you, not any other person, should provide the information. The latter case may result in visa refusal.
  4. You must report a change in circumstances: If any change occurs in the circumstances, you must inform about it within the proper time. 
  5. Inform department about withdrawal: If you want to withdraw the application, you should send a letter of withdrawal to the department before the final decision. The letter should include your full name, date of birth, application date and file reference number. 

In the end

For the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain restrictions imposed on foreigners regarding visa approval. You should check out these restrictions before your application. You can either get in touch with an Immigration Consultant Perth or registered migration agents who can provide correct information regarding the entire matter.


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