Instagram as a Business Platform

Moscow, Russia - March 21, 2015: Men hand holds iPhone 6 Plus with Instagram app. iPhone 6 Plus is product Apple Inc. Instagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking service.

Among the myriads of social media platforms, Instagram is one of big behemoths among them. It is one of the most popular social media platforms with nearly millions of users posting piles and piles of content. This can range from everyday life, memorable events and even products. With how social media works, it has now become a powerful platform and tool that businesses, big or small, can use to promote their products alongside their company. Instagram likes for example can be used to gauge the reception of a product or company and can be used to further improve the business.

Why Instagram and How Did It Come to Be?

Instagram compared to other platforms directly engages with the user using its unique algorithm. Their algorithm allows the user to see content they would want to see. For example, a user interested in fashion will be more likely exposed to content related to clothing such as Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) and news related to fashion. Businesses can use the algorithm to their advantage by making it easier to engage with their target audience. It can save and cutdown on marketing costs as Instagram is a free service.

Instagram has been used by big companies such as Nike, Victoria Secret, Chanel and Gucci. It allowed these brands a free platform to advertise their products to the general population while also being recommended easily to their target consumers.

How Can You Take Advantage of Instagram?

As Instagram is a free platform, it allows any size of business to promote and thrive. Taking advantage of Instagram’s features such as sharing to your story and their heart feature allows your products to get known throughout the internet. Likes can essentially be a form of currency as the more like you get, the more popular your post will be making it easier to appear in other people’s feeds and expand your business. The story share option can serve as grounds for establishing connections with similar businesses as yours as you get to introduce your audience and followers to another business while that business can do the same for you and introduce you to their audience which is beneficial to both of you.

Furthermore, you can establish a relationship with prominent Instagram influencers that can help promote your brand. This can be done in many such as the influencer being seen using while also promoting any one of your products

How Does Instagram Help Against Any Competitors?

Instagram can help you have an edge over your competition as it allows you to get creative with how you can promote your brand. As Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing application, creativity is king here. You can devise smart and witty ways to draw attention and likes to your accounts potentially increases your customer and follower base. It can also show how you are different and unique when compared to everything else in your field.

Lastly, it can allow you to engage with your community/followers through the comments. This allows you to find what your consumers want and need changing while also improving your business by making you look approachable and mindful of your followers.


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