Instagram Reels and Some Useful Reel Ideas for Home Décor Business


You must have seen Instagram reels and what people do with them. But do you know that you can also use it to benefit your home décor business? In this article, we will discuss Reels and some Instagram Reel ideas for your home décor business.

What Are Reels?

Instagram Reels are a new way of creating short videos on Instagram that lasts for 15 seconds. According to Variety, Reels was first launched in Brazil in the year 2019. After seeing the increasing popularity of TikTok, Instagram did not want to stay behind and so they launched a similar feature of its own which was Instagram Reels. Despite being criticized a lot as a copycat of TikTok, Reels became very popular with time.

How to Make Reels

To make Reels you need to have the updated version of the Instagram app. So if your app is not updated update it and then head to the Instagram Stories section. In the Stories section, at the bottom, you will find some video options such as Live, Stories, and Reels and from there, select Reels.

The best part about Reels is you can record it live as well as you can also upload already recorded video clips. To help you make Reels more engaging there are many tools available that you will see on the left-hand side of the screen such as Audio, using which you can search songs from the Instagram music library and use it for your Reels. The AR effects enable you to record multiple clips using different effects. There are also other significant tools like Timer, Align, and Speed. Also, get more at

Why Use Reels?

If you want to grow your business on any social media platform then the first and foremost thing you have to do is to make your business visible to the other users of that social media platform. Now, think it yourself, if a newly introduced feature in the social media platform that you are using can help you to portray your business in a better way then will it not be a foolish act to not use that feature? Your answer must be yes. Engaging your followers is one of the sole techniques of growing your business online and Reels are the best at doing this.

If your Reel content is good then it will bring in many followers whom you can invite to avail your product or service. You must be aware of how competitive and busy Instagram is and this competitiveness makes your posts appear in the feed of only a few of your followers slowing down the growth rate of your business. But one surprising fact is Instagram gives more preference to Reels over other video and photo content. Even IGTV is also given low preference than Reels. You must have seen that Reels are now getting the center position in your Explore Tab and also is taking up 2/3 of the space. I hope, from this you can understand the priority that Instagram is giving to Reels. Instagram wants its users to see Reels then why don’t use this fact to popularize your business? 

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Some Instagram Reel Ideas for Home Décor Business

Make Your Reels Informing and Educating

You can make reels showcasing your recent work and designs. You can also teach your followers about some quick hacks and tips on interior designs. As you are in a designing business, your followers will be eager to see your designs and the way of working, make Reels, and give them a sneak peek of your studio and your work process. 

Keep Your Reels Inspiring 

You can do many things to inspire your followers about your product. You can give them a tour of the house you recently worked upon, quick room changes; you can style a table, bed, or sofa and make a reel of it. Display two rooms and ask your followers about their preferences. You can also share your work and ask for their feedback. You can ask for their opinion on your design choices, etc. These are just a few of the things that you can do but it’s up to you on how will you make your content inspiring. If you have something better then go ahead and try it.

Some Video Ideas

As said earlier, there are a lot of tools available to make your Reels engaging, so use them to put some quirky effects in your Reels, speed up your video, use stop motion animations, share some funny moments. Give your Reels a satisfying look by showing wall paints, wall hangings, etc. These are some basic ideas that you can implement. But again there is no bound on creativity.


These are some info on reels and some ideas on why and how you can use them for our home décor business. Hope you find this article helpful.


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