Invite Special ones with Beautifully Designed Wedding Card Boxes

Wedding Card Boxes

This article represents the best ideas of wedding invitation boxes that may surprise your guests and make them feel special more than just being invited to a simple wedding.

Wedding card boxes are a recent innovation that has leveled up the quality of wedding card decorations these days. Wedding cards are a tradition that is very unlikely to get moved by anything that technology might do. Although some people do tend to send invites through WhatsApp or Facebook, those invites are least considered and mostly ignored. But when a beautiful wedding card comes to your home inviting your whole family to the wedding, that card runs through the hands of every single person in the family, and that is how the guests actually come. Call it wedding marketing, but that is just a small fact. It is also true that the more beautiful the presentation is, the more the guests remember that a wedding ceremony is to be attended on a particular date. 

A wedding is one of the biggest days of a person’s life which they enjoy with their loved ones and obviously they don’t want the wedding to be forgotten by a group of friends or a particular friend who is too busy in his work that he forgets to attend. These wedding reception card boxes are a reminder that keeps reminding people about that day. These boxes vary in colors and designs and can be custom made. The most common and graceful looking cards are the ones that have a golden touch in them. These gold wedding card boxes are ubiquitous in Indian weddings. There are several creative ideas for wedding reception card boxes but let us present you with some of the best that would be remembered by your guest list for a long time. 

The Wooden Velvet Box: Wedding Card Boxes

This wooden box gives an exquisite and hefty look at the wedding invitation and brings that classy and traditional look that it stays within people for a very long time. This creates an aura of elegance and sophistication, just like a gold wedding card box would have done in the old times. Further, this box can be kept in a velvet bag also to increase the elegancy of this invite. 

The Suitcase Style Wedding Box:

This box looks like an old suitcase that has more than enough space not just to manage to put some small gifts for your special wedding guests. This box represents the old and bright retro colors, and the whole looks send out a message that the guests should pack their bags and come to this wedding. This entire idea is very appealing to the guests that you invite.

The Pyramid Style Indian Wedding Box: Wedding Card Boxes

These wedding boxes are a pure piece of art and common in Indian weddings. It has a model of Lords in the middle with the details of the wedding functions at the four sides of the box, since when it comes to Indian weddings, there are a lot of functions in one single marriage. This wedding invitation is a remarkable presentation of love and two souls uniting. They represent of lord which is an extraordinary love story in the history of Indian culture. 

Red and Golds: 

These boxes are again expected in Indian culture where the representation of colors red and gold are more staple than the functions and traditions that happen along with the actual wedding ceremony. These boxes are a very simple but very appealing and classy option to go with. Their red and gold details create a certain vibrancy that is unforgettable for the guests. 

The Pop-Up Wedding Box:

No matter how long this list gets, pop-ups are always going to be the best ones when it comes to creativity and fun both at the same time. Having details on the sides of the box and some cute model of cake or some dress in the middle, this box is the prettiest one with all the glitter surrounding it. 

Musical Wedding box:

Remember musical boxes? That is how this box looks like. This box is one of the best innovations in the wedding box market. This opens up, and the musical tunes start to play along with the invitation showing up and other incredible pictures that increase this box’s beauty. This is indeed one of the best ideas that could make your guests remember this invitation for a very long time. 

There are many more ideas of wedding invitations that may or may not be including boxes. But these are some of the best box ideas that one can use to attract their guests and are also a good advantage for cottage industries to flourish if you look at it from a business and economic point of view. Whereas these days people are again coming up with more funky ideas which are more economically friendly and more comfortable to get going with. There are also many DIY options in wedding invitation designs that might be fascinating to you, such as the confetti roll. There is also simple paper designed wedding cards with names and venues written on them or even some times with pictures of the bride and groom to be on them. These are still just a few examples of what your wedding invitations might look like if you want them to be the best. 

We do hope that this list of incredible boxes helps you find your best idea of invitations and makes your wedding day the most special day of your life!


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