Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
    iPhone 11 battery replacement

    So, your apple iPhone battery has given up holding a fee. You are now confronted with the problem of exactly how to get it dealt with. Do you attempt to change it on your own or take it back to the Apple shop and wait on them to repair it? If you are a, do it on your type of individual; after that, this write-up is going to tell you exactly just how to replace that iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement yourself.

    Action 1: Back up all your data.

    Step 2: There is a little opening next to the headphone jack. Locate that hole and pop your sim tray out by pushing on the spot with a needle or completing a paper clip.

    Tip 3 – Find and remove the two little screws next to the dock utilizing a tiny Phillips head screwdriver.

    Tip 4 – Using a sludger positioned gently between the chrome ring and the screen glass directly above the screw openings, extremely gently separate the display screen from the back panel.

    Step 5: Lift the panel away from the dock, being very cautious not to break any bows on the other end.

    Step 6: Use one hand to hold the display screen panel and the various others to detach the black ribbon # 1.

    Action 7: Carefully turn the display screen assembly until it is practically upright to enable easier access to various bows.

    Step 8: Disconnect BLACK ribbon number “2” using a sludger.

    Tip 9 – Use your sludger to turn the white plastic tab up regarding 90 levels, so it releases the last bow cable television.

    Step 10: Move the black ribbon out of the adapter and get rid of the screen.

    Action 11: Get rid of 5 partial thread screws that safeguard the reasoning board to the back panel, two complete string screws that protect the reasoning board and the camera, and one screw under the” Do not eliminate” sticker. (8 screws total).

    Action 12 – Disconnect ribbon “4”.

    Step 13: Raise the motherboard out, careful not to damage the bow on the underside linking the board to the cam.

    Step 14: Unplug that bow as well as establish the motherboard aside.

    Step 15: Delicately pry the video camera out of its housing. It cannot be gotten rid of yet because it is still attached to the logic board.

    Step 16: Utilize your sludger to gently pry the logic board up and move it towards the dock adapter and out of the phone. If you meet resistance, see to it you have obtained all the screws out in step 11.

    Action 17: Pull up, with some pressure, on the connected tab on the battery to remove.

    Action 18: Place the new battery in and do the steps backward to put your apple iPhone back together.

    When you finish returning via your steps, you can relax and congratulate yourself on efficiently iPhone 11 battery replacement.

    By Alex Walker

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