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    There are many good reasons why a person would purchase a high-definition video monitor. It has become more important than ever to have a high-resolution video display for computer users today. With the prices of HDTV sets now in the hundreds of dollars, a high-resolution monitor can be quite costly. So, is it really worth getting a 144 Hz monitor?

    First off, you must understand what a refresh rate is

    It is a measurement of the number of times per second that a particular video image is refreshed. This number is displayed on the screen as a percentage. For instance, a moving object will move across the screen at a certain speed, therefore the Refresh Rate will be a constant value. A TV or other monitor can’t show you a constant value because your eye movement varies depending on where you are looking.
    Is it worth getting a 144Hz monitor?

    How does this relate to a product like a TV? If a TV has a higher refresh rate, then you can expect it to display a constant frame rate. If the picture gets too slow or fast, then it is noticeable. But, if you don’t pay attention to the refresh rate, then you could get a sub-standard experience.

    Get a much better experience with a higher refresh rate monitor

    Many people think that they get a much better experience with a higher refresh rate monitor. They say that their eye strain is reduced and they have a smoother experience. So, is it worth getting a 144 Hz monitor? This depends on what you are doing. Do you use a lot of computer games, streaming media or even watching the high-definition video?

    Get a high definition frame rate monitor

    In all of these cases, getting a high definition frame rate monitor is more important than you might think. The difference between a standard monitor and one that is designed to help you enjoy playing games and other graphics at the highest settings is enormous. So, is it worth getting a 144 Hz monitor? That depends on whether or not you want to be playing games at a higher graphical resolution.

    In addition to this, you need to consider the other features that you get with your monitor. You need to choose one that is capable of displaying an accurate vertical refresh rate. You also need to make sure that there are no screen wipes during gaming or switching between applications. There should also be no static on your screen or the frame rate constantly fluctuates. With these things in mind, getting an expensive gaming monitor may be the best idea for you.

    There is one other factor that should influence your decision

    Is it worth getting a video card? This is very important because your video card determines how good your graphic performance is while playing games. Without a powerful video card in place, your computer may look like it’s suffering from video card burn-in. If you have a powerful card, however, it will allow you to enjoy the benefits that a powerful video card provides, such as faster gameplay and better graphics.

    Hopefully, this short article has given you a few pointers on answering the question, “is it worth getting a 144 Hz monitor?” There are a number of different factors that go into purchasing a new monitor. Your budget should certainly be a factor when making this decision, as well as the type of games you plan on playing. Remember to take these factors into consideration before you make any firm decisions.

    For those wanting to play very smooth games

    Or games where motion blur is almost non-existent, then you will want to get a monitor with a very high refresh rate. The refresh rate dictates how fast the image refreshes. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the motion will be. Many people feel that higher refresh rates also have a much clearer picture when playing, and this can be true for both computer games and display gaming.

    If your main purpose for getting a new monitor is to do frame rate testing, then you will want to focus on getting a monitor with a low response time. Response time is the time between each refresh of the image on the screen. A fast response time means that your new monitor will not have to display the image again which will save you on refresh times. Keep in mind though that a fast response time can mean a lack of sharpness in the video, but a fast response time is desirable for gamers so remember this when debating between a high and a low response monitor.


    These are just some things to consider when debating between a high and a low rate monitor. If you need to know the answer to the question is it worth getting a 144 Hz monitor? then take a look at our specifications on the product page and then make your decision from there.

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