Is Vaping Better than Smoking?


Smoking is bad. As a former smoker myself, I will be the first one to point this out. I will never forget what mornings were like as a long-time, heavy smoker, coughing my lungs out. Always smelling like an ashtray was another aspect, and would in places where smoking is prohibited, going long durations without nicotine, or having to go out into the weather to enjoy a cigarette really took most of the pleasure out of the whole experience.

When you take the decision to stop smoking cigarettes and choose to use a vape kit then you can visit a vapo shop like Shosha. These local stores have vape kits from Vaporesso and many others. I actually coughed, a reaction to the different form of inhalant, the first few times I tried these products. This coughing is something unique to smokers making the transition, and it’s actually psychological, because you are braced for the far more caustic thing that is cigarette smoke than the gentle, cooling and moist experience that is inhaling vape.

That said, this is the only challenge in transitioning, and if you pick the right product, you might cough only once, taking your first pull off of your first vape product. However, there are some things you should know about as a smoker transitioning to vape like vaporesso or vapo.

First, let me lay out the benefits, because they are massive. It is far safer than cigarettes. It doesn’t matter that the technology is new, and so fewer clinical trials have taken place. The science is the science – all you are inhaling is a refined form of nicotine, a glycerin base and whatever flavoring is in the juice. It is not smoke, nothing burns. There is no secondhand smoke, there is no flame, there is no ash. It will not leave a residual smell on you, and it will not impact anyone around you unless you are rude enough to blow it directly in their face, something I would like to think nobody would intentionally do?

That said, there are a massive range of flavors compared to what is possible with real tobacco. With real tobacco, there’s only so much they can do to flavor smoke or even smokeless tobacco, but literally any kind of flavor can be put into a vaporized juice. This means that, if you want a traditional menthol or tobacco flavor, you can still have that, I am personally fond of mint flavorings when it comes to vape. However, you can get experimental with vapes, trying all kinds of candy flavors, confectionery flavors, fruit or even coffee and chocolate flavorings. Actually, chocolate vapes are quite nice, I can’t quite put into words how they taste.

My recommendation is to try a disposable product first, until you find use formulas that you like. Practically every manufacturer makes both juice cartridges for reusable rigs as well as disposable pens, so take it easy and try the disposables first. You may have to try a few products before you find flavors you want to use long-term, but you are guaranteed to find something you like.

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