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How Much Do Italian to English Translation Cost in 2020?

Finding a good freelance Italian to English translation expert is not a difficult task anymore. There are so many reliable online websites that house talented and highly-qualified freelancers. You can get a freelancer that can match all your requirements for Italian to English Translation in a few easy clicks. But here’s the catch: how much does an Italian to English Translation cost? If you look up the internet, you won’t be able to narrow down a price range.

We first need to understand all the factors associated while deciding the cost. Let’s understand the different factors that play a role in determining the price of a freelance Italian to English Translation.

What’s the expertise level you are looking for?

Professionals for Italian to English Translation come in various expertise level. Few of them are beginners who have just started freelancing and have little experience and are looking for exposure. Then some mid-level professionals understand the language and its culture entirely and also have experience in translating for Italian to English Translation. Then comes the experts who are native speakers or professionals that are as good as the native speakers.

Depending on your task’s difficulty level, you can select a freelancer that can match your requirement and your budget.

Do you require industry-specific knowledge?

When it comes to translating technical documents and knowledge, it’s good to work with professionals who have industry-specific experience. In fields like law, medical, and more, there are complicated terms that are difficult to understand even in the native language.

For such fields, you would want to work with freelance Italian to English translators who have knowledge specific to that industry. They can help you with error-free translation and avoid communication gap. Hiring a freelance translator with industry-specific experience can cost you more than hiring a general Italian to English translator. To take an example, translating an article on the tax system for startups would require more knowledge then converting an article about restaurants to look out for in New York.

The more specific and technical the terminology in a translation, the higher the translation rates.

Do you need a translator for literature work for Italian to English Translation?

If you are looking for a translator to translate your literature work say a novel/ short story or a poem, then you need someone who, along with knowing the language, also understands the culture and the literature. Translating fictional work requires more effort because it is much more than just word to word translation of a line. The translator has to catch the essence of what the writer is trying to say and translate the story with the same meaning and significance, i.e., with phrases and catchwords relevant in the language and culture rather than just translating the word.

Italian to English Translation: Is it a one-time project or contract work?

Prices also differ from project to project and length of the project. If it’s a long time and continuous work, then prices tend to go a little down when compared to a short one-time project.

Final Words…

For Italian to English Translation, you can find freelancers on websites that start from as low as 5 dollars/hour, and it can go up to 40 dollars/hour or more. To find the best rates for your work, you can post your job on freelance websites and wait for the quotes to pour in. You can then decide your sweet price by comparing the prices quoted and the experience and expertise required by you for your project.


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