Ken Julian Mentions a Few Signs That Indicates a Roof Needs Repair

Ken Julian Mentions a Few Signs That Indicates a Roof Needs Repair

Roofing of diverse types and materials varies in regards to its durability and quality. In most of the situations, homeowners need to replace their roofs once in two to three decades. Ken Julian further remarks that if a house is located in a region where extreme climate conditions are common, then roof repairs and replacements might have to be done at a shorter frequency. Replacing the whole roof can be an extremely expensive project. With timely repairs, however, one can avoid expensive replacement projects and boost the longevity of the roof.

Ken Julian talks about some of the major signs of roof damage

Roofs are among the most visible portions of many homes. Hence, when the roof looks weary and damaged, it invariably impacts the overall appearance and appeal of a building.  Ken Julian says that proper maintenance and timely repairs go a long way in retaining the elegant and attractive appearance of a roof.  The lifespan of a roof majorly depends on the physical and elemental damage it faces every day.  If the damage is too severe, then the roof has to be replaced. Hence, it is better to fix small issues on the roof as soon as they occur, to prevent such an eventuality. Moreover, a damaged roof may facilitate mold growth which can even hamper the interiors of a home.

Here are a few signs mentioned by Ken Julian that indicate that a roof requires prompt repairs:

  • Sagging roof: There are many possible factors that can lead to a sagging roof. In case an old roof is found to be sagging, then one may consider replacing it. However, in case this issue takes place in a new roof, then that might be an indication that the roof has not been installed properly. A sagging roof can also imply that the rafters have become damp, which has ultimately weakened the wood. No matter the exact cause, repair professionals must be contacted at once to fix the problem.
  • Missing or loose shingles: Heavy rainfall and high winds have a good probability of dislodging or loosening shingles. Missing or loose shingles can lead to severe damage if they are not fixed in time.
  • Dark and dirty shingles: In case that the shingles seem to be dark, dirty and wet, it would imply that they are allowing moisture to be trapped and are not doing their job properly. It is important to note that this wetness may not always be right below the offending shingle as water runs downhill.
  • Leaky roof:  Water stains, standing water and moisture in the attic may indicate that there is a roof leak. Moisture may make the roof expand and contract as per the changes in the temperature. This means that the materials present underneath it might increase in size, and affect the integrity of the entire roof if not fixed at once.

Lots of shingle granules in gutters, as well as blistering or peeling exterior paint, are some of the other signs that a roof requires prompt repairs.

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