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Women often avoid discussing problems about their menstruation. Most of them are unaware of basic facts about sanitary pads used to handle the period flow. They often use pads that their sister or mom suggests.

As menstruation is still considered taboo, women hesitate to discuss the choices available in a sanitary pad openly. But when you are on your periods, you need to be assured that the napkin you choose gives you reliable absorbency and no leakages.

Investing in sanitary pads online that are developed for rapid absorption of a heavy flow and blood clots is critical. Comfort is of great importance when choosing a pad. Given below are the essential characteristics of quality pads that you should use. 

High absorbency 

A significant feature of sanitary pads is their ability to absorb body fluid and hold on to it for a long duration. Blood that’s absorbed into a pad should be locked into its core.

It removes the likelihood of backflow when there is the application of pressure to the napkin. A pad that has a high absorption capacity is necessary for heavy days. If the color of the blood appears to be dull red on the napkin, it means that it has been absorbed effectively by your pad.

Extra Long Pads

During the beginning of the period, blood discharge tends to be heavier. Therefore, you must pick a pad that can efficiently and quickly absorb the flow. A regular-sized sanitary pad can fill up very quickly.

Therefore, buying a longer-sized one is essential. It also prevents instances of staining the bedsheets while you rest at night. Look for sanitary pads online that are extra long, curved, and broad to provide you with greater coverage and a comfortable and snug fit.

Material Comfort

Good quality pads are made of cotton. They are essential for the sensitive part of the skin and avoid it from getting irritated. Cotton is also known for its breathability. When you wear a sanitary pad, the humidity level in that part of your body increases to 85 percent.

It can turn the skin damp and very sensitive. Hence, it’s essential to invest in quality pads made of cotton material. You’ll stay comfortable throughout the day and won’t experience any rashes in your pubic area.

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Pads Available in a Variety of Sizes

Always look for sanitary napkins that are available in several sizes. It ensures that you have something that takes care of different flow levels during the period days. Every woman knows their bodies regarding their state of flow, that is knowing the days the period flow will be heavy, and the days that it will be light.

On heavy days, you can make use of extra-long pads, while on light days, you can wear those that have a slightly small size. The longer-sized pads are great to be worn during the night or while you are traveling. They eliminate the need for you to change them after every few hours. 

It’s essential to invest in quality pads after you understand your body and periods. Also, take into consideration the type of activities in which you indulge daily.

If you have to move a lot generally, then look into extra long pads made of cotton with a high absorbing capacity. Additionally, make sure that you are changing the pad at an interval of six hours. It will allow for better menstrual hygiene.

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