Know The Science Behind Hair Serum And How Do They Work

Hair Serum And How Do They Work

Hair serum for men broke the clutter in the Indian hair care market back in the early 2000s. Since then, hair serums have become a go-to for people who crave soft, manageable strands without the tedious routine of oil massages. It’s lighter than oil yet gives the har nourished softness through the day that doesn’t feel greasy. Cut to the current times where hair care routine has drastically changed partly due to the pandemic. In 2021, the hair serums made up only 7% of the hair care market which doubled in 2023. This goes to show how crucial hair serums have become to maintain hair and scalp health. If you want to invest in a hair serum for men for healthier-looking hair, let’s understand the different types of serums.

  • Anti-Frizz And Shine Serum

This is the most common type of hair serum for men that’s meant for the lengths. It targets dullness, dryness and mostly frizz. The key ingredient in such serums is silicone. It gives the serum a syrup-like consistency that coats the hair strand in high shine while locking in moisture and softness. Argan oil, squalane, avocado oil, vitamin E, and keratin are other ingredients that can also be found in anti-frizz and hair-softening serums. 

  • How Does It Work On Frizz?

Frizz is a common concern with dry hair. Since it can’t retain moisture, it’s easily prone to heat damage and environmental stress. This results in frayed cuticles, brittle fibres, and static damage which makes the hair look puffy, dehydrated and lacklustre.

Benefits Of Anti Frizz Serums:

  1. Tames Frizz: Ingredients like argan oil and avocado oil deep penetrate the shafts of the hair to nourish brittle hair fibres, and seal the cuticles. This helps the strands retain moisture without raising the cuticles.
  2. Softens: Anti-frizz serums have a thick, syrupy consistency which conditions and moisturises the strands to make them soft, tangle-free and manageable.
  3. Locks In Hydration: When anti-frizz serum is applied to damp hair, it locks in the hydration from the dampness which furthermore softens and nourishes the hair
  4. Gives A Healthy Shine: Silicon, the main ingredient, has a thick consistency which helps seal the cuticles. Sealed cuticles reflect off more light, giving the hair a glossy shine and a healthy appearance. It even helps to keep the hair soft and manageable throughout the day.
  • Bond-Repairing Serum

The latest addition to the serum market, bond-repairing serums are a boon to those who struggle with extreme damage from frizz, heat-styling, harsh weather, and chemical treatments. Just like anti-frizz serums, bond-repairing serums are also meant to be applied only to the lengths of the hair.

  • How Does It Work On Damaged Strands?

The hair is made of three types of bonds – hydrogen, ionic, and covalent bonds. They maintain the hair’s elasticity, strength, and natural shine. When these bonds are exposed to environmental, chemical treatments, and heat damage, they break apart. Bond-repairing serums penetrate the shafts to revive the hair fibres and restore broken bonds. Maleic acid, amino peptides, and hydrolysed keratin are some key ingredients to look for when investing in bond-repairing serums.

  • Benefits Of Bond-Repairing Serums:
  1. Reduces Frizz: While anti-frizz serums help prevent frizz by nourishing hair cuticles, a bond-repairing serum addresses frizz on a deeper level by strengthening the bonds of the hair fibre.
  2. Strengthens Lengths: Bond-repairing serums prevent brittleness and strengthen the hair shafts from within to prevent breakage.
  3. Improved Elasticity: Elasticity helps your hair withstand regular hairstyles and heat styling without the fear of breakage or damage.
  4. Maintains Hair’s Natural Shape: Regularly using bond-repairing hair serums helps maintain the natural structure of the hair, especially if you have naturally wavy or curly hair.
  • Hair Growth Serum

The hair care market saw a stellar growth in the demand for hair growth serums as hair fall and hair loss were two common concerns that the majority of the Indian population faced in the wake of the pandemic. Anagain, redensyl, minoxidil, rosemary, pea protein, and rice protein are some key ingredients that revive hair follicles for improved hair growth. So try to research about the best one and get hair serum for men for healthy hair.

  • How Does It Work On Hair Fall?

Hair growth serums are specially formulated to be applied to the scalp to nourish the hair follicles to improve the anagen phase in the hair growth cycle. The anagen phase is when the hair follicles develop hair fibres to grow new strands of hair. Hair growth serums boost the hair follicles to improve the quality of hair fibres for strong strands.

Benefits Of Hair Growth Serums:

Improves Blood Circulation: Using gentle circular motions with your fingers to apply the serum improves blood circulation to stimulate hair follicles.

Reduces Hair Fall: Hair growth serums improve scalp and follicle which brings down the number of hair you lose regularly. The normal amount of hair one loses daily is between 50 to 100 strands.

May Help Grow New Hair: Some hair growth serums are known to stimulate dormant hair follicles which may grow new hair from bald patches.

Density & Volume: Regularly using hair growth serums can give your hair a boost of healthy volume and density to give your hair a fuller appearance. This is also partly due to reduced hair fall and in some cases, new hair growth.

From ingredients, usage and performance, the role of hair serum for men in a hair care routine is paramount to achieving healthy strands and scalp. We hope this article helps you find the best hair serum for men for an upgraded hair care routine.


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