krunker Hacks: The Ultimate Guide To krunker Hacks


Krunker hacks mainly a script that has auto-aiming, Player Tracers, Triggerbot Quickscoper, and many more. when you have  Player Tracers, you will be able to see other players or enemies. By using a red laser, you will get caught by an opponent and see them in green lines.

You must be attacked by your enemies if you want to kill your enemies you must press the right-click and then auto-aim will lock them to kill. you should aware of distance, health, weapon, and ammo numbers with ESP.It is obviously noticed that if you made any mistake or use the wrong  Krunker aimbot you might be permanently banned and ejected from the server. 

Features of krunker Hacks

Auto Aim

FPS Counter

Triggerbot Quickscoper

Player Tracers

Manual, Hip fire

Various Ranges

BHop (Automatic, Manual)

Speed Hack

Auto Respawn

Auto Weapon Swap

Auto Reload

Crosshair Mod

Fast Keys

1: Change Auto Aim Mode

2: Cycle  Aimbot Modes

3: Change Scope

4: No Recoil

5: Aim Delta

6: Burst Shock

7: Force Scope

8: No Death Delay

9: Super Gun

0: Spin Bot

Important things about krunker hacks

I am using krunker hacks about more than 3 years. But for some of my problems, I could not make a post. But I am playing krunker hacks long time. Now this game is a game supporting all platforms like Pubg, Free fair. 

After a few times, I always want to hack this game like do other games. But getting the popularity of this game, the game didn’t have a ” supported, permanent community to post hacks”. then I am started thinking about how to hack this game. The first time I was thinking that would be very simple but that was not. it’s a very complicated process. I saw a hack how they did it and tried it their own way. 

What you have to do:

At first, you have to do download the Chrome browser. then make sure that the download is complete. and install your internet using Chrome browser. 

Now, the tamper monkey icon beside the chrome search box and select ”Create a new script”. Now find any kind of Krunker aimbot script such as the one in the URL above and replication all of its texts. You will see an editor option simply highlight all of this single text there and replace it with the one you copied earlier. Now go to chrome://extensions and disable all the extensions there without tamper monkey. This is necessary for other to prevent game disconnection.

Finally, I want t say this is a very nice and interesting game. I just love to play this again. I hope you guys also love to play this game very much. But one more thing that we should have control over our self and make sure this is for just entertainment purposes nothing else. We should not get addicted.

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