Kurti Pants: How To Accentuate Your Kurti Pants With Accessories

Kurti Pants

Kurti with pants is becoming a staple outfit for all occasions. 

In this blog we have put together 7 types of accessories to pair up with your kurti pants outfit which will enhance your overall look. Buy kurti pants online and pair it with accessories of your choice. 

There are some points to keep in mind before we get started with the blog and those things are all related to maintaining balance and appropriate color combinations. Always remember that balance is the key to a perfect look. Layering all the jewellery you own with a kurti pant suit will not give you a perfect look but smartly pairing them will.

So, let’s know how you can spruce up your ethnic look with some chic accessories –

  1. Earrings on the go

Jhumkis and oxidized earrings are the go-to accessories with every desi outfit. Choose earring and jhumkas according to the occasion. You should keep at least two different pairs of earrings that would match multiple outfits for example studs and jhumkas. Wear light jhumkas with a kurti pant suit for an office day or friends day out. Go for subtle traditional jhumkas with heavy kurti pant suit for family functions and weddings. 

  1. Necklaces for the soul

Boho necklaces are the need of the hour. Make sure you don’t pair heavy earrings with necklaces. Either choose a heavy necklace and studs or heavy earrings and a light chain. You can experiment with kamarbandha as well, try wrapping kamarbandha around your neck to give a heavy necklace look.

With a simple kurti pant suit try layering more than one necklace, go for 2 or 3 but make sure the necklaces are of different sizes and same material.

Keep at least two necklaces of different lengths that would go with every outfit.

  1. Hair accessories to flaunt

Sometimes a maangtika is all the jewellery you need to complete any outfit. It is the perfect way to accentuate your kurti pants outfit on a mehendi or haldi ceremony. 

Buy a maangtika that matches with almost all your jewellery. 

Apart from maangtika, gajras are super amazing and super filmy, it can be quickly added to a simple bun uplifting your overall look. Buy a kurti pant suit online and add matching gajra to it, and you will surely make some heads turn! 

  1. Rings to die for

Oxidized rings have become a trend these days, especially with the rustic and antique look preference.Wearing just one bulky ring in hand with a heavy kurti pant suit will do the job of 10 bangles.

Go for multi color rings instead of plain ones as it will give it a fuller look to the kurti pant outfit. Buy beautiful kurti with pants from any online ethic store such as Maaesa clothing and experiment wearing different rings with them.

  1. Bags to carry all your extra burden

Go for a small clutch with a heavy kurti pant suit and bags with simple ones. Bags will help you carry your necessities and all extra burden which you don’t want to carry in your hands. 

Buy kurti pants online and carry aesthetic matching potli bags to any wedding occasion and you will stand out of the crowd. 

  1. Bangles

It’s time to outshine your ‘Bole Chudiya’ moment by wearing colourful bangles in both hands. Glass and metal bangles symbolise Indian traditions and culture and look amazing with every desi outfit. 

Carry bangles that match with your necklace. Wear a good amount of bangles with a light kurti pant suit and go for a simple bracelet or 2/3 bangles with a super heavy suit.

Try monochromatic bangles with your kurti pant suit and don’t forget to clink your wrists together every time you show your beautiful set of bangles and bracelet to your friends and family. 

  1. Juttis

Punjabi and Rajasthani juttis are the needs of the hour. They can be matched with every outfit be it western or desi. These are the most comfortable and stylish footwear you own which are available in different colours. Keep two pairs of juttis with neutral colours to match with almost all your outfits. Buy kurti pant suit online, match different juttis with them, and everytime you will get a new look! 

So, here are the ‘7 different ways to accentuate your kurti pants with accessories’ 

Do pair your accessories with beautiful kurti with pants and make sure you maintain a balance to style your accessories.

Don’t go for a heavy necklace with heavy earrings instead choose a chain or carry a dupatta. If you wear a heavy ring try avoiding bangles or choose a light bracelet instead. Always go for a light makeup look with heavy jewellery. 

Flower jewellery is super trending these days you can also go for artificial flower jewellery to try something new and boho.

You can try different combinations such as Earrings-Bangles-Ring, Maangtika-Bangles, Studs-Necklace-Bracelet, Gajra-Bangles , etc-  the choice is yours!!