Tue. Oct 26th, 2021
    FIFA 22 Coins buying

    The new FIFA 22 will be officially released on October 1. Let’s warm up in advance and learn what new features and new ways FIFA 22 has in all aspects this year as well as FIFA 22 Coins buying.

    1. Overall development objectives

    Optimize as many game links as possible according to the feedback, so as to create a more real and wonderful FIFA experience for all players.

    Fairness – Improve situations that may be frustrating in terms of game play. For example, it can better defend the passing and directional ball. Our goal is to reward players who perform the right operations at the right time.

    Increase the diversity of game playing methods to achieve more feasible game styles. We hope to make the playing methods on the pitch more diversified than before, and there is no longer the so-called monotonous “best playing method”.

    2. [NG] Hypermotion gaming technology

    Hypermotion is a new feature launched by FIFA 22 Coins PS5, Xbox series x|s and stadia. In FIFA, we have combined two latest technologies in game development for the first time: team action capture and machine learning. These two technologies enable us to further improve the authenticity and creativity of FIFA games.

    2.1. [NG] Advanced 11v11 team mobile capture technology

    The xsens suit enables us to capture the whole team movements of 22 professional football players and study their precise movements in high-intensity competitions. This means that we can analyze the players’ technical actions in detail based on the real game situation, so as to realize the largest animation update in FIFA history. We have added more than 4000 new animations to FIFA 22.

    These new animations will improve the performance of the whole team’s actions, fighting and confrontation, player personalization, stopping and controlling the ball.

    2.2. Machine learning and ML Flow

    Using the two advanced technologies of team moving capture and machine learning, we can improve the way players catch the ball on the court. We use more than 8.7 million data frames for machine training to provide as much information and details as possible. This makes the ML Flow ᴺ neural network technology in FIFA 22 greatly improved.

    ML Flow neural network algorithm can generate the animation of receiving the ball in real time, including stride adjustment, running rhythm, posture matching and conversion. Ml flow is designed to help improve the authenticity and fluency of touching and receiving the ball.

    Version update and real-time adjustment tools

    In order to better respond to player feedback in the FIFA cycle, EA has worked hard to develop a function, which we call a real-time adjustment tool. In FIFA 22, we can deal with some aspects of game play through real-time adjustment tools, and make changes for players without a complete version update. This allows us to make adjustments and changes at a higher frequency and faster, and continue to strive to maintain the balance of the game.

    Real time tuning tool changes will be recorded and tracked, just like release notes and version updates. The version update that may take up to 2 months to release for various reasons can now be released in a faster time after testing, as long as the update is meaningful to FIFA Coins.

    Note that the real-time tuning tool does not allow us to make changes that require any animation or code modification, which is usually complex. Changes to these parts, including non game changes, still require a full version update.

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