Lifeline Assistance Program – How Do the Free Government Cell Phones Work?

Lifeline Assistance Program - How Do the Free Government Cell Phones Work?

Are you finding it a challenge to purchase and maintain a cell phone service? It’s time to consider the free government cell phones under the program Lifeline Assistance. Also known as Obama Phones, Lifeline cell phones are imitative from the government through the Federal Communications Commission to help low-earning Americans benefit from mobile phone services at subsidized subscription rates or get new Android handsets for free. This article covers how to benefit from the lifeline phone service Oklahoma-based, or in any state.

How to Get a Free Phone and Subscription

The lifeline service targets Americans with low-income levels. Thus, your income level determines whether you qualify or not. There are two ways to be eligible: through income status or if you’re already a beneficiary of any government aid programs.

Thus, you must prove that your earnings are equivalent to or less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. However, if you already benefit from any government aid programs like Supplementary Security Income, Medicaid, Food Stamps, pension plans, etc., you may automatically succeed in the program.

After eligibility, you’ll need to apply, sign up to your preferred service provider, and start enjoying the benefits.

What do You Get from the Lifeline Cell Phone Program?

The lifeline program is widespread government aid, with more than 15 million beneficiaries currently. The program allows you to receive a free cell phone or subsidizes your monthly mobile phone bill with up to $9.25 monthly.

You can choose whether you want to benefit from free calls and texts or free internet, but you can’t get both at once. Again, you may not have to receive a new phone if you already have one, as you can apply the program to your existing device.

However, it comes with conditions that you must adhere to. For instance, the program only allows a single beneficiary per household. Similarly, you must not transfer your service to any other person. However, if you live together but don’t share expenses, you may apply for the service. Check out the household worksheet and see if you are eligible.

The current technology era makes a cell phone one of the essential devices for every individual. Check out to see if you qualify to benefit from the government imitative. 


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