Limousine: Everything you have to know about limousine


As the 21st century moves forward, the technology and advancement surrounding the automobile industry are reaching the limits. The extraordinary modifications in vehicles are making them more reliable, drive-friendly, and safe. Other than that, nothing beats traveling in a comfortable car, as it makes the commute distance not only convenient but fun as well. 

If you talk about luxury cars, the one that tops the list is a limousine. A fact that is widely acknowledged says that no other vehicle can offer the taste of royalty as a limo. Its spaciousness, classical interior, and exuberant exterior are of no match in the automobile market. After this realization, the new generation is hiring exotic limousine services for a variety of events. In case, you think that you know everything there is about limousines, let’s see if you know the following interesting and fun facts about this luxury car. 

#1 The meaning behind the name – limousine 

In the modern world, the term “limousine” refers to the luxury cars used to escort VIPs, politicians, and celebrities. Aside from that, many use limousine rental services for birthdays, proms, and weddings. However, the origin of the name ‘limousine’ is something you would not be expecting.

It originates from the Limousin region of France. The french shepherds belonging to this part of the country used to wear a distinct style of a cloak. When limos first came into existence in the 1900s, the car roof looked similar to the cloak’s hood worn by the shepherds. That is how these lavish cars caught the name limousine. 

#2 Exclusiveness of Limos 

As far as the look of a car is concerned, you will never see something as gorgeous as a limousine. These vehicles are not for regular use and mundane destinations. You can easily say that limousines were the first cars to incorporate the idea of luxury in automobiles. 

The longest car in the world is a limo called “The American Dream.” The famed designer Jay Ohrberg of Burbank, California, devised this wonder based on the 1970s Cadillac Eldorado. This colossal luxury car has 26 wheels and is hinged in the middle. The American Dream features a swimming pool, a helipad, a jacuzzi, a water bed, and multiple room-like compartments. 

#3 Presidential favourite

When a president chooses a vehicle as their presidential car, it is bound to be extraordinary. One of the most prominent presidents of the United States of America, John. F. Kennedy chose a limo called “The Midnight Blue 1961” for his transportation. The Lincoln Continental convertible is known by the name X-100. For the president, the car got stretched an extra three and a half feet with the inclusion of top-notch features. 

#4 Modern-age limos 

Modern age limos are the first priority for celebrities to exhibit a status symbol and VIPs for protection purposes. Additionally, people also hire a limo for prom in NYC and for other similar special occasions. With the passage of years, many modifications took place in the manufacture of limos. The new limos are mostly convertible, shinier than ever, and extremely futuristic with out-of-the-world features. 

With these facts in mind, it is not wrong to think that a limousine is synonymous with luxury. One should ride a limo once in their lifetime to experience the true essence of splendor.