Link Building Strategies: Things to Follow in 2021


Link Building is the essential part of off-page optimization. Well, you can’t afford to ignore off-page optimization. It constitutes of whopping three fourth of SEO. No doubt, link Building requires a proper strategy to bear sweet results.

Do you know that Google considers the quality of links important than quantity? The number of links, citations, and references outside your website means more say in the online market.

It is better to simplify link building path. And it is vital to know link-building strategies that work out well in 2021. We’ll put more light on this topic in the section below.

What are the link-building strategies that marketers can use in 2021?

Link Building is of utmost importance for search engines to rank your website at a higher position. There are some tried and tested techniques that will leverage your incoming links to your website. Without any further delay, let’s discuss them:


Getting maximum out of high-quality Links

You might have written great content. But, unless nobody knows about it. It won’t get any backlinks. You can use back to front or front-to-back approach.

Like first writing a good article and then outreach potential links. Or finding what kind of content resource website may require. Both techniques work.

Also, you can access link-building services to write worth linking content and develop links with authority websites.

Find resource websites by putting search strings in Google Search Console.

“Keyword” + inurl: links

“Keyword” + useful resources

Further, how to outreach them? It makes a complete difference whether they’ll approve your request or not.

Personalized email: If you’ll cold email, fine this, and this. Target resource website won’t even approve it. And timings also matter. Moreover, nobody read morning emails. The reason is, they have loads of emails to read in the morning. Afternoon emails are the best ones.

Then, you can put up the link to your webpage with little details about it. Tell them how to like their article and find it helpful. And how their readers will find your link impactful if added to the valuable URLs list.

Broken links reclaiming: Another thing that works it, broken links reclaiming. You can check the resource websites having many outbound links. And see which one of the links are not working with:

  • Broken link checker
  • Ahref dead link checker

You can reach out to the resource website by writing an email to replace any of the deadlinks with yours. And delete the other ones to boost their SEO. Any SEO marketers will consider your email and respond positively to it.

Citations without links: It will be helpful to get backlinks from websites that mention your name but not linking back to you. You can find out such websites on search engines like Google, Bing.

Utilize Listings for building links

Listings are useful resources for getting backlinks. The best thing about listings that it is easy to build up. There are three types of listings:

  • Google My Business
  • Business Listings
  • Review Listings

For GMB, you just need to make your account on Google and add the following information:

  1. Name, address, and contact number are the basic information.
  2. After this, add your category or niche with your website link.
  3. You can add images, videos, or other visuals to grab more target audiences.

Business Listings are specific to the business niche. For example, people looking for medical professionals will have separate listings. And likewise, other listings are there:

  • Apple Maps
  • Bing places
  • Tripadvisor

Review listings mention popular customer reviews on their website. It is very beneficial for local SEO and link building. The famous sites are:

  • Yelp
  • Yellow pages

Develop Editorial Links

One thing is black hat SEO. Editorial links are the genuine links placed at the correct position on another website. Suppose you put your link in the comments, at the top or bottom corner of the website. Google may penalize you for this.

The best thing is to get backlinks with your link placed in the center of the web page. For this use:

Guest blogs: Place your website link naturally with valid anchor text.

Podcast: It is a quick method that works wonders in today’s time. You can add a short description of the podcast’s topic and mention your link along with it.

Videos: Videos watch hours have shot up in recent times with skyrocketing internet speed. Further, there are so many changes in technology that it is easy to make interactive videos. Video description can include your website link.


In short, link building can increase your website reputation and authority online. It will boost your traffic with link juice from other websites. Indeed, it is a contributing factor in improving your rankings. Link building doesn’t happen on its own. Marketers need to chalk out the right procedure to implement plans. So, from where are you going to start link building?


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