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If you are looking for a WordPress staff directory plugin you are in the correct location. In this article we are going to introduce Listdom which is the best WordPress staff directory plugin in the market and in a step by step guide we will explain how to work with this amazing solution.

We will start by an introduction to WordPress, then Listdom Lite, after that Listdom Pro, the next thing that we will talk about will be Listdom Addons, finally we will talk about Listdomer which is a WordPress staff directory theme.

What Is WordPress?

With WordPress you can create an introduction or blog website easily. You just need to buy a host from one of the hosting providers that you prefer and use their easy WordPress installation and then start creating your online website. WordPress does not have any feature for creating a staff directory website so you need to install a plugin that gives this functionality and extend WordPress functionalities. As we already talked we will install Listdom in order to set up a staff directory.

Listdom Lite: Free WordPress Staff Directory Plugin

Listdom Lite is a free WordPress staff directory plugin which you can install easily from WordPress plugins repository. Go to the WordPress admin area and then click on the Plugins menu and finally press Add New button. Now you just need to search Listdom and install and activate this wonderful free plugin.

Listom Lite will add 2 new menus to the WordPress admin area. Listings menu which you can add categorize options and then add listings. Listdom menu that you can set up showing listings, create search forms, change and add notifications, and finally change settings.

First of all, go to the Listings menu and then add categories, locations, tags, features and labels in order to use them in order to classify listings. And then click on Add Listings to add some listings with specifying title, description, price options, working hours, owner remark, category, location map, location address, locations, labels, tags, features, feature image, and gallery image.

After that we will investigate Listdom menu options, in the Shortcodes menu you can create shortcodes and show the listings in the website in more than 90 different styles and skins. Also in the Search Builder menu you can create search forms based on your project requirement. In the notifications menu you can change and add the email notifications that you have. In the Settings menu you can change settings and configurations of the Listdom.

Listdom Pro: Paid WordPress Staff Directory Plugin

Listdom Pro is a paid WordPress staff directory plugin which adds so many additional and advanced features to Listdom Lite. In this section we will explain some of them like attributes (custom fields), front-end dashboard, OpenStreetMap, embed codes, radius search, and interactive Google Map Search.

If you want to extend the fields of Add Listing form you need to go to the Attributes menu in the Listings menu and add the custom fields there. You can add the custom fields per category or for all categories, so fields that show for one category will be different from other categories.

Front-end dashboard will allow you to give the users the ability to add their listings from the front-end without accessing the back-end or referring to you. In order to have this functionality you just need to add the shortcode to a normal page with any editor or page builders that you want.

OpenStreetMap is a full free map which you can use without any limitation instead of some maps which will be paid after a while. You can select Leaflet in the Map Providers of Listdom in order to use this map provider.

With embed codes features that exist in the add listing form, you can add YouTube videos with their embed codes to the listings so they will be more attractive.

Radius search and interactive Google Maps search functionality can have more advanced search features. With Radius search visitors can enter an address and then see the listing around that. Also with interactive Google Map search functionality visitors can change the map location and then see the listings in the visible map area.

Listdom Add-ons

Listdom has more than 25 different add-ons which each one helps you to make a big difference with your competitors. For example, Listdom Android/IOS mobile apps can be in users’ smartphones or you can add listings a bulk with Listdom CSV Importer Addon.

You can see a list of all add-ons in the Listdom official addons page.

Listdomer: WordPress Staff Directory Theme

Listdomer is a WordPress staff directory theme which is fully integrated with Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, and Listdom Add-ons skins and views. It has been developed fully based on requirements that a staff directory website needs.

You can see a demo of the Listdomer theme on its official website.


Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, and Listdom Add-ons are WordPress staff directory plugins which are the best solutions that make a staff directory website. On the other hand, Listdomer is a staff directory theme which helps you to have a well designed website as well.

If you have any question regarding this wonderful solutions you can contact their hugh technical support team and they will answer all your questions as soon as possible.


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