Luna’s Howl Quest Steps

Luna's Howl Quest Steps

Here in this article, learn about Luna’s Howl Quest Steps in detail.

In destiny history, Luna’s howl is a legendary weapon game that is not just for its lore but also for its place as one of the original pinnacle weapons in the game. It was formerly dominated in the crucible before a nerf.

One might be amazed if he/she is getting into the game now as, after its updates, it has become quite a good game. When the player is getting into the game, he should know all Luna’s howl quest steps completely.

The Pinnacle quests these days are a little more straightforward with fewer steps as Luna’s is more involved in it currently. Complete path and details of what the user is going to have to do in order to get it are described briefly in this article.

Significant Features of Luna’s Howl 

All Luna’s howl quest steps are simple to learn where you need to head towards Shaxx in the Tower. One should grab the Shock and Denial pursuit to trigger Luna’s Howl quest. After finishing the quest, it will unlock different features which include 

  • Precision frame
  • Polygonal rifling
  • Drop mag
  • Zen moment
  • Magnificent howl
Luna's Howl Quest

All the remarkable salient features of Luna’s howl quest steps are described below:

  1. Precision frame 

Its recoil pattern is predictably vertical. Fires and bombing are done quickly with high accuracy by the opposition teams

  1. Polygonal rifling

Here stability is increased as the recoil of the barrel is instantly reduced 

  1. Drop mag

Reloading speed is increased while at the same moment so much magazine is dropped which in results in wasting of bullets and energy level

  1. Zen moment

In this feature, the damage is caused by a player to attackers which destroys in opponent’s end. So, stability increases a little bit here.

  1. Magnificent howl

Until the next kill or miss, a short period of bonus damage grants rapidly landing two precision shots.

Luna's Howl Quest guide

How to get Luna’s Howl Quest Steps?

It is a great query and often raised question by the players, so a step-wise list of tasks is enlisted below

  1. First of all, 10 crucible matches from the competitive playlist are completed
  2. Without assistance, 150 kills with hand cannons are required
  3. About 200 solar kills with solar weapons are a must to proceed
  4. Consecutive 3 rumble matches must be completed
  5. Using hand cannons, 100 precision kills are required
  6. After that, reach the fabled glory rank which is 4th in the glory playlist
  7. To get Luna’s howl reward, return to Shaxx

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How to get Luna's Quest

Tips and tricks for Getting through the Luna’s howl quest steps

Luna’s howl is one of the best legendary hand cannons in the Destiny 2 game part. Here people usually ask about what is the quickest way to get all rewards in-game? So, for them, here are some tips and tricks in which one can dominate enemies in both regular PvP and even Trials of Osiris
Let me tell you the exact Luna’s howl quest steps

  1. Completion of 10 matches 

First of all, play 10 matches of survival game mode irrespective of winning or losing mindset. The best crucial weapons guide is available to help the player in his best interest surfing. Winning is always preferable but at this stage, it doesn’t mean a lot

  1. Getting 150 hand cannon kills

No technicality is involved while completing 150 kills. One has to just locate enemies and start killing. A player should use thorn, ace of spades, or spare rations for quick and easy kills 

  1. Get 200 solar kills in any competitive match

The player should just stick until he/she finishes the task. Best PvP weapons in the game are recommended like the hard light auto rifle. As it is cheap and has enough reloading speed so getting 200 solar kills become a slightly easy mission

Any other weapon may also be used but using hard light is best suited because it melts enemies at any distance and also completes the task in the time allocated.

  1. Completing 3 rumble matches

In Destiny 2, it is resident-free for all modes which means you neither need to win nor it will cost you. The player will be off to the next level of getting Luna’s Howl by just having an entry in three different matches

  1. Getting 100 precision hand cannon kills in matches

It is the stage of Luna’s howl quest steps where it becomes a trick to proceed further in the game. ‘The Crimson” is probably the most stable weapon in the game as it hits the target absolutely at the same place and time where required

This one acts like a monster weapon that will make get precision shots much easier than with any other weapon in its competition

  1. Reaching fabled in the glory playlist

In this stage, you will lose points on each loss, and on the other side, much more glory is gained by winning than it’s gone by losing. 3:1 is the ratio of gaming which means 3 lost matches will cost 1 win in the game.

Even if one player is not aware of its pattern of playing and also not is a PvP pro player, then you will be at least close to the target of 2100 glory ranking. This step is necessary for finishing this module and proceeding further

  1. Go back to Shaxx and take your well-deserved reward

Once the player passes all the above-mentioned stages, he/she is eligible to take the reward and treasury box as he/she is now in the possession of Luna’s howl quest. The player will feel that his several skills are improved after passing all the different game stages with multi-tasks included in each step.

Luna's Howl Quest Steps explained


Several interesting factors are involved in Luna’s howl quest steps and series. The main difference between Luna’s howl quest and no forgotten is so small that even sometimes it is not recognized at all. As a summary, the difference is highlighted as

  • Not forgotten has better weapon range while Luna’s howl quest has better stability
  • Regardless of where the next shot lands, not forgotten magnificent howl perk will give you increased damage while no such facility is provided by Luna’s howl
  • Finding a weapon is really challenging in not forgotten but an easy task for a player in Luna’s howl 
  • Some ranks in Luna’s howl are really sticking which are so much difficult to pass like fabled and legend rank
  • Rewards are given to the player at the end of completing all levels in Luna’s howl quest steps while there is no such compensation in other such games.


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