You’ve probably already seen many videos on social networks of different girls getting their natural hair straightened and the result is always ultra-fantastic with beautiful curls and not a single hair sticking out! Have you ever wondered what is the secret of this ultra shiny and ultra silky smoothing? We tell you all about how Magic Sleek is helpful in straightening your hair!

Curly, frizzy, transitional or even relaxed hair…. If there is one thing that always comes back to women, it is that they love to change their haircuts, and that does not matter what texture and type of hair.

Smoothing is one of her hair changes that most women have gone through at least once in their life.

There are different ways and methods used by the women for hair straightening, but We are going to tell you the secrets for hair straightening by using Magic Sleek first.

Firstly, let me tell you what the Magic Sleek is?

What is Magic Sleek?

Magic Sleek oil is used to straighten the curly or frizzy hair. Magic sleek has been tested in labs on large scale in order to check if Magic Sleek has any side effects or not.

With rigorous testing, we found that Magic Sleek is very safe hair straightener.

It can also be used on all types of hair.

People of any age can use Magic Sleek oil for straightening their hair.

Magic Sleek is 100% free of Formaldehyde, a chemical that can harm the hair, and thus is very safe for use.

Composition of Magic Sleek:

Magic Sleek has the following ingredients:
Amino acids

Tannins (naturally found in plants seeds leaves etc. and strengthen the hair)

Cupuacu Butter (extracted from Cupuacu tree)

Acai extracts (A high quality acai berry extract used as an antioxident)

The above magic sleek ingredients when combined in a professional way give strength, shine and a great look to the hair.

The different components of magic sleek can be customized to get the desired quality and strength.

FAQs about Magic Sleek:

Here are the most commonly asked questions related to magic sleek and you must also know their answers if you are looking for getting your hair straightened by using this exclusive hair product.

1)    How long does Magic Sleek last?

Ans. Once don, Magic Sleek lasts for around 6 months keeping your hair straightened. So, it’s a long term solution for hair straightening.

2)    How much does a magic sleek treatment cost?

Ans. Magic sleek cost starts from 300$ to the upward and depends on the saloon you are taking the service from. However, It’s not much costly as it will last around  months.

3)    Can I wash my hair after Magic sleek?

Ans. Yes, you can wash your hair after getting Magic Sleek treatment. After washing, your hair will not lose their straightness; rather they will remain straight for few months.

4)    What is magic sleek Express?

Ans. Magic Sleek Express is used if you want to get your hair straightened for only 3 to 4 months. So, it’s for short term service.

5)    Who invented/formulated the Magic Sleek for the 1st time?

Ans. Olga Isakov invented magic sleek for the 1st time with the ingredients that do not cause harm to the hair.

6)    Is Magic Sleek safe for use?

Ans. Yes, Magic Sleek is safe for use. It don’t have anything that can harm the hair. It keeps the hair straight for a long period of  months or more.

Where to buy Magic Sleek:

Magic sleek can be bought from or from Amazon.

Cautions regarding Magic Sleek:

Magic Sleek should not be used on gray hair because it can turn them to yellow. So, try to avoid it for gray hair.


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