Major Investment Options Currently Offered in the Online Trading Sector


The online trading sector has been expanding since the beginning of the 21st Century. The industry has gained so much recognition that it now has over 200 million users. In more than a couple of decades, the online trading sector has inducted many online trading assets.

The online trading industry currently offers thousands of trading options but there are five major trading assets offered by the online trading sector. Among these major assets, the oldest assets include forex trading and commodities trading. Then the industry inducted stock trading and indices trading. The most recent trading asset that the online trading sector has inducted is cryptocurrencies trading.

When it comes to making investments, each trading asset holds its own ground and they are growing at quite a large scale.

Forex and Commodities Trading

Forex and commodities are the two oldest trading assets that were inducted into the online trading sector. The full form for forex is “foreign exchange” and it deals with the trading of fiat currency pairs such as USD/EUR, GBP/JPY, and many more. In forex trading, the investors have to choose from the list of fiat currency pairs, and then proceed with purchasing fiat currencies. Once selected, the buying/selling action applied on the first fiat currency has the opposite reaction on the other one.

Then there are commodities trading that deals with the buying and selling of goods that are produced from natural sources/means such as crops, metals, and oil. In commodities trading, the investors choose and make investments in the goods they prefer. Then they sell them off when the value of the goods increases versus the investment amount.

Stocks and Indices Trading

Stocks trading deals with the assets of the companies that make a public appearance and are willing to offer their assets to open market investors. It is currently one of the most popular trading spaces within the top 5 major trading assets. Similar to commodities, the investors can purchase assets of a company and wait it out until the stock prices swell, and then sell them to make profits.

Indices trading is somewhat related to stocks but in indices, the investors do not have to purchase the assets of a company. Instead, the investors get to make a short or long call against the performance of a particular index representing several publicly-listed companies. In indices, the investors make long or short calls, predicting whether the overall performance of an index would be negative or positive. The investor is also required to back his call with a price willing to invest, and if the outcome is in favor of the investor, they earn a profit on it. Otherwise, the profit goes to the broker offering the particular service.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Lastly, there is cryptocurrency trading that is much younger than all previous trading instruments. It has been around since 2009, but only gained worldwide adoption/recognition in 2020. It is currently the smallest industry in terms of valuation and trading volumes. Still, it is a lot given the fact that the main investors running the show here are individual investors. The industry currently offers over 15,000 cryptocurrencies and 400 exchanges providing their exchange services.

Among all of the mentioned trading instruments, the instrument currently exhibiting the highest trading volume in forex. As of now, the forex trading sector observes almost $7 trillion worth of daily trading volume.

As the industry is growing bigger, more and more online trading platforms are being formed. However, there’s only a handful of online trading service providers that are able to provide trading services for all major assets in one go. Among such trading platforms is CTmatador that is offering trading services for all major trading assets.

Platforms such as CTmatador work hard on providing users customer-oriented services so they can benefit from them as much as possible. Such platforms not only provide trading services but other kinds of services such as crypto signals and other kinds of trading signals. Such platforms also provide educational content plus trading tools for the benefit of the investors.

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