6 precautions to make your trip hygienic and safer during the pandemic.


A few weeks back, there was a slight decrease in the pandemic cases due to this traveling had resumed. People started traveling to other places for their work or even to just get a simple break from daily life.

When you’re planning to take a trip during this pandemic, you worry about a properly sanitized hotel, good food for your children, the safety of your family and even about the covid-19 cases. Some people think it isn’t safe to travel, while others take certain precautions.

Let us look at the simple but extremely helpful precautions you should take when traveling during the pandemic. Choosing a good hotel like Kasa living, as they are a small rental startup but are going on to increase their technology to formal Airbnbs

Always wear a face mask-

This pandemic has taught us the importance of covering our mouths and noses. A face mask is very important in today’s day because it protects you from the virus. It is scientifically proven that masks prevent almost 60 percent from spreading the virus. To ensure your and your family’s safety, use the N95 masks or the disposable mask available at any medical store. 

Look for a good hotel to stay in –

While traveling during this pandemic, it is normal to be worried that the hotel you plan to stay in probably doesnt take many precautions. You need to look for a good place to accommodate.

This will make your stay safe and your trip comfortable. You should look for a strictly sanitized place, vaccinated staff and contactless surfaces. Do your research well before choosing your hotel to know more about trusted and hygienic hotel rooms like Kasa Living

Use of social distancing-

This is the simplest way to prevent covid from spreading while traveling. Maintain a safe distance from strangers. Even if both you and the other person are wearing masks, it is still better to stay at a 6ft at all times distance as this will ensure maximum safety. You only have to take care of this until you find proper accommodation for yourself.

Use of toothpick or a brass key-

While traveling, you’ll be touching a lot of things starting from the elevator button to your hotel room handle or the doorknob. For this, it is recommended to use a toothpick or a brass key as you won’t have to make contact and won’t have to use the sanitizers over and over again. You could easily press the elevator buttons or open-door handles without contact with the surface using the brass key.

Use your vehicle if possible-

If you’re traveling to a nearby place where a road trip is possible, use your vehicle, as this would ensure that the car has been properly sanitized and is safe for kids to travel in. 

Carry enough clothes and laundry bags-

Carry enough clothes so that you are always safe and fresh. This isn’t only about your comfort but the safety of your loved ones. Our clothes make contact with a lot of surfaces throughout the day, which is why you should put them in a laundry bag as washing them won’t be feasible.

You could also order food to your hotel room instead of going out to eat as you’ll be in your confined space and not with many people who probably ate on the same plate as you. This will ensure social distancing. These precautions can be taken while traveling in this pandemic to ensure safety norms and a good trip. Remember to enjoy as well at the same time stay safe.

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