Fri. Sep 24th, 2021
    Marketing with Online Video

    Video is one of the best ways to advertise this year – it’s engaging, it gets the audience’s attention, and it comes in a multitude of formats. Yet, knowing this information and making the jump are two very different points. Looking at the world of online video from the outside is daunting, so hopefully, this guide will reduce the barriers somewhat for your business! Here are our 5 pro tips on how to do effective Marketing with Online Video.

    Explore Various Formats

    First and foremost, videos come in many different forms. Therefore, it’s up to you to explore the ones that work for both the business and the audience. For example, it might be that your audience responds better to the live, off-the-cuff videos rather than the ultra-produced videos. Examples of video formats include: 

    • Explainer videos 
    • Live social media videos 
    • Q&A sessions 
    • Product tutorials 
    • Behind-the-scenes videos 
    • Testimonials and reviews 
    • Industry update videos 

    You could spend lots of money on a highly produced video about the industry, or you could spend very little money on a simple Facebook Live video. Explore the various formats and which your audience resonates with the most. 

    Offer Value

    Customers know that you want sales, you don’t need to keep telling them. Therefore, see 2021 as an opportunity to inform, tell stories, and help your audience, click here to see examples of a company that is blazing trails when it comes to Youtube advertising. Now, after a difficult period with the pandemic, offer value whether through entertaining, funny, useful, or informative content. As a real estate agent, for example, create explainer videos and tutorials to help with common problems in the niche. The fact that you know so much will tell the viewer your experience without having to shout it from the rooftops. 

    Prioritize the First 10 Seconds

    Wherever you intend to post your video, know that the first ten seconds are integral to the user experience. On social media, YouTube, or your website, it doesn’t take much to lose the attention of viewers these days. If you don’t capture the attention in the first few seconds, people will simply click away (and this is the last thing you want!). 

    The attention span of the modern internet user is comparable to a goldfish, so capture attention earlier by introducing a problem, asking an interesting question, showing the result, or offering a shocking fact. Naturally, it’s not a good idea to make promises that you don’t then deliver later in the video. 

    Include Closed Captions

    This might seem like a small and insignificant tip, but it could save all your hard work from going to waste. According to some studies, as many as 85% of all videos are watched without the sound up. Do you want to rely on the 15% of people hearing your video? No, include closed captions and you have a chance to engage 100% of viewers. What’s more, even some people with the sound on still like to read closed captions (especially when accents play a role!). 

    Optimize for Search

    You’re offering value with your video, but you can still pay attention to the search optimization side of things. For example, this includes using a script that contains keywords, writing a video description, using a relevant title (also containing keywords), adding relevant tags, and listening to the previous tip of closed captions. 

    In a world full of competition, one of the best ways to stand out this year is through video. Whether you want to make a product tutorial or a live Q&A video, follow the advice in this guide and you can make the most of your online video efforts in 2021! 

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