Mastering the Australia Subclass 189 Visa Points System: Strategies for Maximizing Your Points

Mastering the Australia Subclass 189 Visa Points System

The Australian Subclass 189 Visa is one of the most attractive routes for skilled workers seeking permanent residency down under. However, being eligible is not sufficient to ensure getting the visa; one must also score the required points under the points-based system. Since one can score a maximum of 100 points, it is critical to know the best practices for maximizing the points scored. This article highlights some tips for mastering the AU 189 Visa points system. 

  1. Assess the Eligibility Criteria

Before going into the details of how the points can be calculated, there is a need to verify one’s eligibility. First, to be eligible for the Subclass 189 Visa, one must have a nominated occupation and it must be on the relevant skilled occupation list. This person should also meet the English proficiency requirement and have a positive skills assessment in their proclaimed job. Additionally, this person must at least score 65 in the points test. 

  1. Occupation Selection

Applicants should choose the correct occupation to enhance their points. Some of the occupations are in high demand, and they have been ranked more points, whereas others have low demand points. Thus, the applicant should first research the Skilled Occupation Lists and pick the most qualified job that is in high demand. 

  1. Proficiency in English Language

Furthermore, one should also boost one’s score in English proficiency since good scores in English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE give one point.

  1. Earn Higher Education Qualifications

One of the most effective ways to boost your points is by earning higher education qualifications. Pursue additional studies in your area of expertise, such as a Master’s degree or a Ph.D., to a mass substantial points. Furthermore, Australian qualifications attract more points than those acquired from other countries. 

  1. Gain Relevant Work Experience

Accumulating work experience in the relevant field is another way of amassing points. The number of years one has worked in their primary occupation, both in Australia and overseas, will be calculated to produce points. As such, get at least three years of work experience to maximize your points. 

  1. Obtain State Nomination

Getting nominated by an Australian state or territory will help increase your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for the Subclass 189 Visa and earn additional points. Different states have different requirements and priorities for their nominations; thus, research to find the one that suits you. 

  1. Utilize Partner Skills

If you are applying as a couple and your partner meets the minimum requirements for the Subclass 189 Visa, their skills and qualifications can count toward your points. Evaluate their qualifications, work experience, and language proficiency to see if they will earn you more points. 

  1. Get Professional Help

The immigration sector is continually changing, and visa regulations are subject to constant updates. Keep updated with any changes in occupation lists, visa regulations, or points allocation, and consider hiring a registered migration agent or an immigration lawyer with expertise in Australian visas to guide you on your journey.


Mastering the Australia Subclass 189 Visa points system can enable you to achieve a high points score and award your eligibility to be granted permanent residence in Australia. This process requires adequate planning, strategic decision-making, and a clear understanding of the consideration factors in this “point test” critical. Know more about immigration consultants Kuwait to get started with your Australia visa application today.


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