You Should Know Everything About Modern Flames Red Stone Fireplace Insert

You Should Know Everything About Modern Flames Red Stone Fireplace Insert

There will always be a market for classic electric fireplace inserts, even as linear fireplaces gain in popularity. In this tried-and-true area, it’s not always easy to find new and exciting features. When new products come out, we’re excited to see them. Modern Flames’ new Redstone Built-In Electric Fireplaces, which were intended for new construction or to be put in an existing zero clearance wood burning opening. Combine several creative innovations. This fireplace is a wonderful option for gas fireplaces for both new construction and retrofits.

Two popular sizes

However, for now, the Redstone is only available in nominal widths of 36 inches and 42 inches. It is true that the inserts themselves are a little smaller than indicated by the model numbers, however, adding one of the provided trim kits boosts the total size of the faceplates. A nice improvement to this style is that Modern Flames has kept the overall profile significantly lower than classic “square” fireboxes.

Two finishing options included

You Should Know Everything About Modern Flames Red Stone Fireplace Insert

With each insert, each Modern Flames Redmond insert comes with two distinct trim sizes. When it arrives in the box, the combustion chamber is already fitted with a sleek 5/8 inch minimum trim. There is a 1.625-inch trim kit that can be used in place of the 5/8-inch trim, which is a nice feature to have. In this way, the entire size of the faceplate can be increased by 2 inches in width and height with a simple 3- or 4-sided trim adjustment. Redstone’s Built-In Electric Fireplace may be easily installed into an existing fireplace opening. For those who have trouble finding the perfect fit for an existing fireplace opening. Two different trim sizes make it easy to fill in any gaps around the faceplate.

Slim depth

A fireplace insert’s depth is critical when it’s installed into an existing fireplace aperture. As a result of Modern Flames’ design, you don’t have to remove the zero clearance metal box in order to install an insert. Redstone can be installed in masonry chimney openings as well. Fireplaces with a wood-burning masonry firebox are normally deeper than electric inserts but also slope to the rear of their openings. There’s a chance, therefore, that a front insert’s width won’t fit a back insert. In general, a shallower insert has a better chance of fitting in a narrower masonry opening. Weighing only 9.25 pounds, the Modern Flames Redstone Built-In Electric Fireplace is only 9 inches deep.

Higher flames

As a result, the flames fill more of the insert’s inner space, thanks to a new flame technique from Modern Flames called Hybrid-FX. On larger inserts, where weak flames can be lost under the logs, this is a particularly helpful feature.

Two media options

In spite of its conventional exterior, the Modern Flames Redstone offers a variety of modern internal media options. The Redstone comes with transparent acrylic crystals and a glowing orange driftwood kit. To construct your own unique fireplace, propose using them separately or in combination with stones. If you choose a black interior with no imitation brick panels, it will be emphasized.

Thermostatically controlled heat

No doubt the built-in heater comes with Redstone’s electric fireplace. With the Redstone, you can choose to use it with only flames or with flames plus heat, as with any electric fireplace. 5000 BTU is the maximum output, and the heater can be plugged in or attached to 120 volts. Using the provided remote control or buttons on the insert, you may regulate the temperature of the room to your liking. Modern Flames Redstone can cool down an area of up to 400 square feet with its cooling power.


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