New business mistakes to avoid

business mistakes

 1. Have a business and marketing plan    

Having a business and marketing plan can be one of the best investments you can make for your future success. It is crucial to have a plan when starting a new business because it will help you make sure that all bases covered. Not only do you have to cover potential problems that might arise but you also need to ensure that you know exactly how you are going to get your product out there in front of your customer. There are many tools available on the internet that can help you with this.

When starting a new business having a business and marketing plan is significant. The first thing that you need to do when starting a new business is to define who your target audience is. This is critical because it will help you to understand why you are creating your business and to ensure that your product or service is appealing to your potential customers. By defining your target audience; you will be able to focus on what type of products or services that you are going to offer them. You need to understand that the reason you are creating your business is that you have something that they need and want.

When marketing your business online, it is crucial to do keyword research. The keywords that you choose to use on your website will determine what kind of traffic you are going to attract. If you do not choose the right keywords, you are not likely to attract any traffic at all. There are tools offered by some companies that will allow you to research keywords for free. These tools can help you figure out what kinds of words your potential customers are using to find your business online.

The next part of marketing when starting a new business is to build a website. This will allow you to display all of the information about your business as well as including contact information. You need to make sure that everything on the website is easily navigable so that potential customers can contact you and place orders. In addition, you will want to make sure that you include social media options for your business as well.

Once you have a business and marketing plan in place; the only other thing that you need to do is invest your time and effort into building it. Marketing your business on a daily basis is extremely important. This is the only way that you are going to gain the attention of your customers. As long as you are advertising your business, there is no way that your customers are going to turn away from it.

When starting a new business, it is important to understand how to market it successfully. Marketing does not have to cost a lot of money; and it does not have to take up a lot of time. You simply need to invest your time in promoting your business; and understand that it will be able to lead to more profits than you could imagine.

         2. Overspending and under-pricing    

The IRS recently notified the owners of small businesses that they must pay taxes if they do not carry; any type of insurance or payroll plan to protect against unexpected losses. This is an unusual tax provision that some small business owners find outrageous. When considering your new business insurance policy to keep in mind that your tax responsibilities may also include:

Cash Expenses. All cash-related expenses such as supplies, materials, labor, and payroll must itemize and supported with receipts. If you have a large cash balance, it may be prudent to establish an emergency fund. However, this must be done only after consulting with a certified public accountant to determine your personal financial eligibility for the additional funds.

Overspending on Supplies. The cost of business equipment such as computers, telephones, fax machines, software, and parts must be documented. Be sure to document the cost of business phone services also, rent and utilities. You may also want to include travel expenses when calculating your overspending and quarterly and annual costs. In your first year you should think of ways to save, for example comparing energy rates can help you find a better more affordable rate that can significantly lower your  Centerpoint Energy costs.

Tax Deduction. If your business has high levels of overhead such as rent, building maintenance, electricians, landscaping, security, and utility services; the employer may be entitled to a tax deduction. This is usually based on the percentage of the business that consists of these activities. For your new business, however; you will need to provide your CPA with your receipts and relevant documents to verify these expenditures. You should also keep a copy of your tax return and any associated paperwork for your records.

Overpaying on Insurance. A business owner may inadvertently overpay tax dollars by misidentifying a business expense as a tax deduction. To avoid being overcharged, double and triple-check your insurance premiums and verify the amount of insurance you need.

Under-pricing. As mentioned earlier, this is when a business owner estimates the cost of goods or services before purchasing them. However, there are times when an employee earns an income that isn’t reported on an individual tax return. In this case, you are not obligated to calculate the full amount of your employees’ salaries. Instead, calculate the cash expenses associated with their job using the appropriate formulas and apply it to the employees’ salaries to arrive at a reasonable estimate for your cash expenses. This approach helps you make good decisions for your new business but doesn’t make you immune from facing penalties if you end up paying too much money for items you didn’t purchase.

         3. Proper management   

In order for proper management training to occur, it is vital that you well versed in HIPAA compliance. Simply stated, HIPAA defines the rules and regulations that will govern the handling of protected health information of a covered entity. In short, the Covered Business Associate has a responsibility to make sure that the personal medical information of their clients protects at all times. If this information becomes compromised; it can result in negligence or even criminal action on the part of the business associate. Therefore, the Covered Business Associate must know how to make sure that they take all reasonable steps to secure their clients’ personal medical records. Additionally, the Covered Business Associate must know how to handle electronic communications.

Another aspect of proper management training is data aggregation services. This term refers to the act of gathering all of the client’s medical data and using it in a manner that helps the business associate provide better service to its clients. In short, the company permits to sell its personal medical information to third-party vendors who will in turn allow them to sell it to other third-party companies for a profit.

If the Covered Business Associate does not have proper management training in this area; they could find themselves in a deep hole without any exit strategy. In addition, data aggregation services can result in the loss of a significant amount of data if the proper management training is not completed. In short, a business associate must be aware of the potential cost of a data breach and the need for proper data aggregation services if they wish to ensure the security of their clients’ personal medical records.

Finally, proper management training must include the issue of current assets. The issue of current assets is related to the day-to-day cash flow of the company. A company must keep a constant cash flow in order to operate smoothly and efficiently. Proper working capital management is necessary in order to ensure that there are no problems with the cash flow of the company at any time during the year.

One final topic that business associates need to make aware of is data mining. What exactly is data mining? It is the procedure of searching large consolidated databases to search for and extract certain types of information such as demographics, customer information, and more. It used by large companies and government agencies in an effort to improve their profit margins and decrease the amount of fraud within their company. Data mining can potentially be extremely dangerous if data mining allows running rampant within the business organization.

All of these topics can cause many managers to become oblivious to the true importance of proper management training. As a manager or business associate; you must take the time to ensure that you have a good understanding of all of these topics. A good manager understands the relationship between waste management, asset management and data mining. A good manager will also be able to identify areas of opportunities for improvement in all of these areas; and use this knowledge to help the company achieve maximum efficiency and success.

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