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New normal is one of the most used terms after Covid took the entire world in its grip. There is a new normal in every sector after the pandemic. In the world of education, the new normal is the increase of online learning tools.

Ever since schools and colleges shut their campuses to control the increase of cases, it triggered the emergence of online classes.

All around the world, institutions are learning more about online platforms so that they can continue their princess of educating children.

This change was not only the new normal for students but also for teachers and everyone working in this sector.

Today, online learning is a necessary resource for schools and students all around the world. Online learning is not only applicable for academics, but it also includes learning extracurricular activities as well.

Now students are forced to take online classes as this is one of the most effective ways to control COVID cases.

This change is sudden. Thus, many students struggle to get used to it and search for class help online. All of these changes make many wonder if online learning is healthy or good for our future.

Just like any teaching method, online classes have their own set of pros and cons. When one understands all these negatives and positives, it will help them create strategies to improve it further.

If you are curious to know more about what are some pros and cons of online learning, this article is for you!

This post will discuss various positives and negatives of online education.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Learning?

If you want class help online, read about the pros of online education below:


Online learning provides instructors with an effective and efficient way to deliver lectures to students.

Online learning comes with countless tools such as PDFs, discussion rooms, podcasts, and videos. Teachers can utilise all of these tools to make lessons more interesting and engaging for students.

When teachers extend their lesson plans beyond the traditional textbooks in order to include online resources, they are able to become more efficient teachers.

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Accessibility Of Time And Place

One of the best class help online is that it allows instructors and students to take classes from any place of their choice. 

Not only this, but it also helps educational institutions to reach out to a more extensive network of learners, rather than just being restricted by geographical boundaries. This means now a student sitting in India can easily attend a class that used to take place in the USA.

In addition, online lectures can easily be recorded, shared, and archived for the future. It helps students to revisit some learning material easily and in the comfort of their own time.

Hence, online learning provides students with the accessibility of time and place.


Another pro of online education is the decrease in financial costing. There is no doubt in admitting that physical learning costs a fortune. Many college-going students are in debt. However, this is not the case with online learning.

The reason behind this is that online education is way more affordable as it eliminates costs of transportation, real estate, and student meals. Furthermore, you don’t need to get a hard copy of all your course material as everything is accessible online. This further decreases the course as online learning is paperless. Additionally, it is beneficial for our environment.

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Suits A Diverse Kinds Of Learning Styles 

Every learner has a unique learning style and learning journey. Many students are visual learners. While on the other hand, some prefer to learn through audio. 

Similarly, some students do well in a classroom, while others are more solo learners and find studying in large groups distracting.

The online learning system provides class help online as it has various options and resources which students can personalise in various ways. Hence, it creates the perfect learning environment which can be personalised to suit every kind of student.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Online Learning?

Just like with anything else, online learning comes with a few cons as well. Some of them are as follows:

Inability To Remain Focused On Their Screens

For many students, the biggest challenge while studying online is that they have a hard time focusing on the screen for such a long period of time.

Unfortunately, since students are learning on phones and laptops, there is a greater chance for them to be distracted by other sites such as social media.

Hence, instructors must keep their online classes engaging, interactive, and crisp so that they can assist students in staying focused on the lecture.

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Technology Problems 

Another main challenge of online learning is internet connectivity. 

While technology has grown greatly in the past few years, having a decent connection speed is still an issue in smaller towns and cities.

When there is a lack of consistency in internet connection, it can cause problems while taking a class. This lack of continuity affects learning for the child as it is detrimental to their educational process.

Feeling Isolated

As surprising as it may sound, students learn quite a lot while being in the company of others. However, with online classes, there is minimal physical interaction between teachers and students. It often results in students feeling isolated and disconnected.

In such situations, schools and colleges should permit different forms of communication between peers, teachers, and students. 

This could be in the form of emails, video conferencing, and online messages that will allow face-to-face interaction and reduce this sense of disconnect and isolation.

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Managing Screen Time

One of the biggest concerns about parents is the health hazards that come with online learning as students are staring at their screen for numerous hours.

This increase in children’s screen time is the biggest con of online classes. Some students also develop a bad posture and others develop other physical problems.

However, this issue can be solved by giving students plenty of breaks between classes so that they can refresh their bodies and mind.


Now you know various pros and cons about online learning to decide whether or not you should attend online classes.

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